Walking with Giants – Perth International Arts Festival Kicks off!

From February 13th-15th, ‘Valentine’s Weekend’ Perth got a special visit from some very large friendly marionette puppets. These were The Giants, a performance headed by the French theatrical group, Royal De Luxe. And they came to help celebrate the opening of the Perth International Arts Festival (one of the longest running festivals of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere!).


It would have been my first time seeing Perth at a standstill, traffic wise…it was just so busy! Apparently the news reported 1.7 million viewers came down to see The Giants over the 3 days. I happened to be working overtime on the Saturday and saw the crowds pour into the CBD to watch these gigantic wooden and metal constructs walking around and turning the city into a magical and enchanted place.

We went on the Sunday, to Langley Park. My kids absolutely loved it, especially my Lil Moon, who after the event identifies herself as the Giant Little Girl. Afterall, she thought they had common physical features…long black hair, fluttering eyelashes and heart shaped face.  It was just so precious to see their little faces and eyes light up with excitement and imagination.


I couldn’t believe the numbers of watchers coming in see the performance. Well done to Perth International Arts coordinators…this was indeed a great FREE event for families.


But from what I overheard, not everyone was happy with their experience and thought the event was poorly managed…but I’m sure if more big shows come to Perth, we will surely learn how to deal with them. So please keep them coming!!



The Perth International Arts Festival runs until the 7th March, and the films continue onto the 12th April. I love this time of year, when our little city gets injected with so much fun, creativity and culture!

Find out  what events are on and how to book tickets here.

Are you into big events such as these?


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