Grateful for 2014, and hopeful for 2015

Hi there, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Yes…truely a long while.  I do apologise, as I am a little rusty with my blogging for it has been 3 months since my last post! I did attempt to draft a little memento to 2014, but as things occurred Christmas, New Years and the long days of endless sunsets…I never actually got around to posting.

The reason for my disappearance is that I have been dragged away by my growing hand made business, I’m really glad to say that I am now taking it slowly…after all I MADE IT through the onslaught of Summer & Christmas markets.

It’s so important to start the year refreshed, relaxed and with a clear mind set to start planning for the 12 months ahead. So I thought I should come back to my centre, the Simple Chic, the place where it all began…my blog, and reflect on a year that has passed.

It was the year of  exciting happy moments, sad moments and also hard work and exhaustion asI put my heart and soul into SELF Organics. It is slowly growing at the pace that I can still manage solo and I haven’t gone too full on into my marketing. I like to still keep the reins on it while the kids are still young. Spending time with my babies is on the top of my list, there were times especially when I was torn between the family and the business. But I am learning  how to keep this balance in check as I go.


I met so many new friends and faces this year, just by putting myself out there and not being afraid of the challenge that markets can bring.  The network of handmade creatives in Perth is just astounding, there is such a wonderful, talented bunch of artists that willing to share their knowledge and support each other by shout-outs on social media and collaborations.

As a side note – Etsy is also offering budding entrepreneurs the chance to turn their handmade passion into a business. If you are thinking of doing something new in 2015 like opening your own online shop you should join the Etsy Resolution, hosted by Jess Van Den of Create & Thrive, and Clare Bowditch of Big Hearted  Business. Find out more details here on how to sign up. It starts 27th January and you can get 20 free listings upon opening your new Etsy store.

Business aside, I am enjoying being surrounded  by the people I love and who believe in me. If not for them, I wouldn’t have the courage to go forth and do what I am passionate about. In 2014 I have discovered a lot about myself, my strengths and weaknesses and how to turn negative thinking on its head. We all talk ourselves down sometimes, but we have to stop doing that and recognise more of the wins than the losses.

ny2015 b

I’m excited for my little man will be attending kindy this year and my 7 year old, Lil Miss S who I can’t believe is in year 2 (already!). It’ll be nice to pick them both up from the same school. The older one is already telling her brother all the ‘cool’ things to look forward to in school…like the canteen! As my my lil Moon, she is talking so much now…a little character of her own, imagination at its best. I’m just so happy and thankful to be surrounded by their faces. My hubby was also such a pillar of strength last year, he has really supported me all the way with whatever I wanted to pursue. 50% of the growth and success of SELF Organics in 2014 was his.

Now there will be another project coming up very soon, that I am involved in with a close friend…something BIG, absolutely massive and one I have actually dreamt about since I was 19. Can’t wait to reveal more details to you, it is completely left of field but hey…opportunities in life are very few and far apart, so when they present themselves you just have to grab it with two hands!

Happy New Year to all, may it bring you all the joy you have ever wanted and more.



Enter the Easter Giveaway at SELF Organics

Hey, hope you all had a rejuvenating weekend! I had the perfect weekend, as I got to witness my best friend walk down the aisle at our primary school church and get hitched.  Then I spent the first days of school holidays with my kids by taking them to the park and had a play date at one of those play gyms. It was busy, my muscles  ache from playing on the play equipment but loads of fun.

Sorry for the shameless plug for my organic bath and body biz, but I thought you guys might be interested to enter this competition as the prize is Easter inspired, smells delicious but does not go straight to your hips. I didn’t want any of you to miss out as there are only 4 days left to enter the SELF Organics Easter Giveaway. So you must hop to it!

The winner will receive one of the new hand poured soy wax candles ‘Self Determination’, it is a rich chocolate scented candle. The fragrance is a lovely warming scent for Autumn and it is indulgent without touching the lips! Packaged in a shiny travel tin and weighs 170gm, it has 20+ hours of burn time.

self-determination candle

To enter, all you have to do is a couple of steps:

  1. Like the SELF Organics Facebook Page or be a follower of our Instagram account
  2. Like our ‘giveaway’ image
  3. Share or regram the image (hash tag – #selforganics and @selforganics for instagram users)

Win a Soy Wax Scented Candle

I’ll be selecting the winner based on all of the three criteria above and who ever writes the most creative comment. Please share away and you could be one of the first to try this gorgeous wood wicked candle. The special element of a wood wick candle is when it is burnt, it gives off a subtle wooden smell and produces a soothing crackling sound. Similar to that of a camp fire. Ahhh Winter here we come!

So good luck to everyone! Make sure you tell your family and friends to enter too.

And enjoy the short working week ahead!


Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day guys and girls! Australians around the world CELEBRATE! This is our most patriotic day of the year, as we bring out the southern cross flags and wave them from the cars we drive, hang it at the windows and don the temporary tattoo. Not to mention throw a BBQ with friends and family, then enjoy the fireworks as the sun goes down.

I shall be doing something a little different on Australia Day and that is getting my youngest baby girl christened. So last night I was frantically making the cupcakes, preparing the sushi rolls and chilling the drinks  for the after-ceremony gathering. And maybe…just maybe the aussie pavlova will make an appearance. What are your plans on Australia Day?

Photo sourced from

Also I wanted to share, I’m having a special promotion at my store offering FREE SHIPPING (within Australia) over the long weekend. All you need to do is shop your favourite items and enter the special code ‘AUDAYFS’ at the checkout and have it posted to you for FREE. All orders will go out on the Wednesday 29th Jan.

For those who may not know me well, I make organic bath and body products, it is my little entrepreneurial project. I called it SELF Organics, and it’s my biggest baby! The name was created by using each of my family’s first initial. Actually, the idea all started with my family and my mission to keep them free from the parabens and petrochemicals from other nasty products. Taking care of ourselves and our families and living a life that is not compromised is the only way to live of course…

2013 updated self organics

I just can’t wait to see Luna in her beautiful christening gown, she will be so cute and precious. I promise photos to snap photos and post them on my instagram

Then it’s off to the Crown Perth for a luxe stay with the kids and hubby to celebrate his 30th birthday! Fun fun fun!

Hope you all are having a fabulous long weekend!! Stay cool..