Valentine’s Day gift box idea

Isn’t it great that Valentine’s Day celebrated around the world will fall on a Saturday this year? It’s nice to know, most people will be chilling out with their loved one or friends and just having a great time. It kind of annoyed me in the past when me and my Mister would want to organise something but Valentine’s day fell on a week day where we would be tired and couldn’t be bothered going out. I mean we still kind of shun the whole Valentine’s Day cliche, that we are expected to do something nice for your partner…so we usually push it out to the weekend. Now it is on the weekend!! And I have no plans!

What are your plans to sweeten it up on Valentine’s?

Although I am a big romantic at heart and adore gifts with thought, I put together a lovely pack for solos (I hate the word ‘Singles’) and partners to indulge and celebrate Valentines Day.

So if you would like to purchase a SELF Organics Valentine’s gift box, head to the online shop

This beautiful organic care package contains: 1 x SELF Determination chocolate soy wax candle, 1 x Petal lip balm, 1 x romantic rose bath salts, 1 x Berry Green Loose Leaf tea.

All for $35, you can also add a 100gm geranium and orange massage bar for an extra $5.

vday 2015


*Postage before Valentine’s cannot be guaranteed at this stage.

For those who live in the Perth metro, you may be please to know that collection and drop off is available. Please contact me at

Hope your Valentine’s is sweet and full of love!!





Valentine’s on a whim

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!! Do you get excited and filled with butterflies or does it make your insides turn in a way that you want to expel? I think this is a lovely time of year where not only couples use it as an excuse to make grand gestures of love but it’s nice to see little messages pop up in the children’s lunch boxes and secret admirers leave chocolates, flowers or love notes behind.

Hubz and I used to celebrate this occasion with a dinner date, but now with three little ones we keep it low key with a home made meal and a card. I like sharing it with my 6 yo who is a old enough to understand the idea of love and cards. We were just flipping through my wedding photos the other day and I could see how her face lights up when she sees me and Hubby walking down the aisle together, me smiling and him with his tongue cheekily sticking out!

If you want to avoid the commercialised aspect of the event, try doing something  more personal to express a little romance to your loved one. It doesn’t even have to be planned or expensive, you can do what makes your heart flutter and soar on a whim. For example

  •  Camping under the stars in the back yard, with wine and chocolates on the side
  •  Taking a night drive to a look out to see city lights
  •  Have a sunset picnic by the beach
  •  Heart Shaped theme meal, entree, main and dessert using heart cutters
  • Playing a game of chess with chocolates (winner takes all the chocolates of course!).

The options are endless. You can be as creative as you like to make someone feel extra special. Here are some other DIY projects you may want to try out:


Paint Swatches Valentine’s Day Cards from –

vday 2

Paper Heart Garland from –

vday 3

Giant crepe paper rose flower at –

Do let me know if you decide to make any of these projects. I would love to see your creations! I may just go out and hunt down some crepe paper to attempt the giant flower, it looks so gorgeous and the  best thing is it lasts forever!

Best of luck with your impromptu Valentines, sometimes the most romantic moments are those that are spontaneous!

What are your plans on Valentine’s? Do you celebrate this day?