Beauty Review: NP Set Essential Brow Set

Last month I attended a make up application workshop run by NP Set Australia, it was held at my local Guardian Pharmacy which was only 5 minutes from home. The night was organised for ladies only, which included nimbles, sushi, drinks and clipboards! Yes, we were there to do our homework and learn some make up application techniques from the NP Set experts.

It went for around 2 hours, which involved a demonstration on how to use the NP products and an introduction to how to turn a day make up look into a  night one. The  group was relatively small, around 15 attendees. And I was quite pleased about how there was a mix of ages ranging from 19 to 80+. It was great because I felt the NP Set catered for everyone. And the NP set ladies were so gracious to provide advice individually at the end of the night. I felt that my questions were being answered based on the areas I wanted to know more about and they helped me to pick the right products for my face.

I left with a few goodies that I purchased on the night, which were a NP Set Essential Brow Set, a pore minimizing primer, a blending brush and eye shadow (duo applicator) brush.

I was mostly intrigued with the Brow Kit, I just want to achieve darker and more prominent brows. There’s something about dark brows, that makes a woman sexy and powerful I say! And so here are some photos of me playing with this NP Set kit.

NP set brows

I really like the packaging of the NP Set. It is clean, white and simple. People often ask what is the difference between the NP set and Napoleon Perdis. Years ago I would buy Napoleon Perdis, but now I find NP Set would suit my lifestyle better. The obvious reason  is the prices and the professional quality. The NP Set would suit those who are interested in applying make up everyday with minimal fuss and want to look great day in and day out. The Napoleon Perdis range (usually found in dark blue packaging) is more suited for those practicing make up or offering professional make up services and it is a bit more expensive too.

NP set brows 2

The NP Set Essential Brow Set includes a duo applicator with slanted brush heads, a set of tweezers and three palettes. The first on the left is a light brown colour (subtle brow), the middle is a darker brown (glam brow) and lastly, the shaping wax.

NP set brows 3

This is me with my ‘naked’ brows. I try to colour in my brows whenever I head out of the house, because I find the natural colour of my eye brows aren’t dark enough…they appear almost grey or silver! It makes me look older than my age and my face also appears more washed out than it already is. They say that a dark and thicker brow can make your face appear slimmer and I really believe that!

First thing to do is to tweeze the shape of your brow. Making sure you don’t tweeze too much, as the hairs on the eyebrow can take longer to grow back and can become less dense. The set comes with a mini tweezer, but I hardly use it, it doesn’t do the job of holding onto the hair very well. But I’ll hang on to it in the case for emergencies only! You can tweeze a rounded or squared shape on the inner corner depending on what you like. I think my natural shape is rounded so I draw on a rounded brow.

I like to mix the two shades of brown together using the applicator brush and tapping off the excess so it doesn’t appear too harsh. Then with gentle stroke I swipe it along the hairs to allow the colour to stick.

If I use only the light brown shade it is too light, and the glam brow is just too dark. I like how they have included the shaping wax, it helps me keep any stray hairs in place and helps to keep the colour intact throughout the day.

NP set brows 5

The finished result looks quite natural, I love how it makes my eyes appear larger! Plus it matches the colour of my hair which is also an important tip. Darker may sound better, but if you have very light or blonde hair you may want to test out the light brown first.

The NP Set Essential Brow Set  has become a staple for me, I use it everyday!

And a set will cost AUD$29.00. You can shop NP set online or at Target, Big W, Guardian Pharmacy stores.

Have you tried NP Set Products before? Does the appearance of your brows worry you?


*This post is not sponsored. I bought the NP Set Essential Brow set myself.