Ebay Collections

Collecting creative knick knacks is something I enjoy doing or it is probably ingrained in my personality. You should see my fabric stash! It is just overflowing and I have to keep it under wraps so my husband doesn’t suspect. I like to sew and hence I’m keeping the fabric for the day when I have a quiet moment to take a seat next to my sewing machine. So far that moment is somewhere in the distant future! But yes I admit, I am a keen collector, collections is my way of organising the things that I enjoy.

So when I was invited to try out Ebay Collections, it intimidated me a little, was it going to bring out the obsessive, compulsive side of me? How would I organise my collections in the way that was stylish, chic, simple? I was intrigued and had to see what it was all about. After putting together a first few of my collections, I finally got the hang of it and found it so easy to catagorise my wish-list. It was useful in a way where I could find track down the best price and seller for the goods and have them all in one spot to review a bit later. I even made a collection called ‘echo living’ and all the items in that collection is specifically to help me work towards my goal of living more sustainably.


My ebay collections currently available for snooping

I didn’t feel the usual ‘stress’ of an online auction, or having to leave it aside for a little while. There is still the ‘watch list’ option, so that specifically tells you when an item is ending. Ebay collections acts more of like a pin-board but this is a board of all the items you want to buy! So it may pose a risk to the wallet to see all you want in one place…

When I came back in a week or so after creating my collections, some of the items ran out of stock and the time on the auctions eventually finished. However, I know I can always trace it back to the seller and communicate with them if I need to buy that item later down the track. My other blogger friends have created their own collections, and I like to spy to see what’s on their wish list. Please be warned of ‘collection envy’, because some of my blogging friends have beautiful collections, it’s fun to know what they have their eye on.

Ebay Collections can be a helpful tool for when you are searching for a gift for your friend or family member, imagine if your friend or family member kept their own ebay collections… it would be so simple to click and buy them what they want. End of gift-hunting frustration!

This new tool is very similar to Pinterest where you can name the title of a collection and start searching items and adding them to that set. There is a function that allows for little notes and individual commentary. Also you can choose one item to be the cover image. I like seeing all my favourites in one spot…like I said this could prove dangerous to my wallet.

Have you tried making your own Ebay Collections? 

If you would like to see what I’m collecting, click onto this link – http://www.ebay.com.au/cln/thesimplechic

Have a great week all! It’s a long weekend here in Western Australia, so I’m so grateful for the sleep in…well…if I can