Small biz story: Mac & More – unique handmade macrame design

The weekend is here! And it’s time for another small business feature, I wonder if you guys like this occasional blog post where we talk about the small people doing big things. It’s inspiring to hear what other artisans are doing out there on their own. Making their own passions come to life. They are often disguised in the day as the normal everyday worker. However when you hear their stories and how they arrived at what they are doing…it really astounds you at their drive and energy!

macandmore (1)

Today I introduce you to a fellow artisan, Erica who specialises in the art of macrame and knotting and the talent behind Mac and More. You may pass her in the streets of Perth or possibly in a hospital in the future as she is also a mum of two and part-time nurse. I met Erica through the markets in Perth where we both bonded over the craziness of the end of year market season, and from what I know from her work is that she is a passionate about her craft and creating beautiful unique pieces for her clients. She is such a beautiful person who treats her customers like friends.

mac and more 1

Erica Zuccala

Macrame is the art of knotting and weaving, and it was most popular in the 70s…now it is making a resurgence. Erica’s uses different coloured ropes, metals and wooden beads to design contemporary and unique pieces in the form of indoor and outdoor plant hangers, hanging bed heads, curtains, wall art and  even stunning wedding floral arbours like the one you see below.

Contact Mac & More today to discuss your customised piece, the options are endless!

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A Macrame plant hanger in the corner of the room is a subtle and interesting way of bringing greenery into the home. Erica can also provide the pot and plants that can suit your lifestyle. For example if you are just a beginner green thumb, she can choose a low maintenance succulent or cactus to help you decorate your personal space.

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Want to know more about Mac & More? Head over and follow Mac & More at:

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I also interviewed Erica and she was happy to share her experiences of what is is like to run a small business, here are a few things she had to say:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you enjoy doing if you are not creating?

I’m a Mother of two young kids so I am kept pretty busy with them. If I’m not working or playing with my kiddos I love to run, stay healthy, and enjoy the beach. Nature and the great outdoors inspires my work, whether it be the colour, the texture or organic natural form, so getting outdoors not only clears my head, but gives me time to get inspired and come up with new design ideas.

2. What were you doing at the time when you first thought of starting up your own business? 

I was currently on maternity leave after having my second child and had been yearning to get creative. I’ve always loved design and have found myself really drawn to a love of eclectic bohemian interiors. I had been really inspired by some international fiber artists and couldn’t help but get my hands into knotting. Large scale art is my passion. I love creating dramatic textural pieces. My background and training is in Critical Care Nursing so its poles apart from a creative venture, such as textile and fiber art. The change has been refreshing and really enticing. I’ve been hooked since I picked up my first spool of rope.

3. Where would you like to be 5 years from now?

 I have no idea. I didn’t at all expect to be where I am in just the last 6 months.  In 5 years, id love to collaborate with some Perth stylists and interior designers. There’s nothing better than seeing your work featured amongst the talent of local designers.  I’ve been really lucky so far to have been featured in an edition of Home Beautiful Magazine and maybe a tv appearance. So hopefully the next 5 years is even bigger and better. I shall be hosting a local macramé and fiber art workshop in March so if you are in Perth and keen to learn the skill of macrame please come along. More details here.

4. Do you have any business advice for others wanting to start-up?

I’m still learning as I go but definitely do your research. If you believe in your product, work hard, sell yourself and clients will come. Don’t forget about the marketing side. Its not all about the product- the marketing is such a massive part of business.  Make yourself know, make connections and learn from others who are successful. Don’t give up, It’s a huge learning curve, so stay inspired.

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And for my lovely readers… a special discount:

Thanks to Mac and More, you can own your very own piece, a beautiful and carefully designed macrame fibre art with a 30% off discount. This is kindly offered to The Simple Chic readers only.

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Offer valid till 8/3/15

Have a great weekend lovelies! And may you always be inspired by the beauty around you…






Photos sourced from Mac and More

Valentine’s on a whim

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!! Do you get excited and filled with butterflies or does it make your insides turn in a way that you want to expel? I think this is a lovely time of year where not only couples use it as an excuse to make grand gestures of love but it’s nice to see little messages pop up in the children’s lunch boxes and secret admirers leave chocolates, flowers or love notes behind.

Hubz and I used to celebrate this occasion with a dinner date, but now with three little ones we keep it low key with a home made meal and a card. I like sharing it with my 6 yo who is a old enough to understand the idea of love and cards. We were just flipping through my wedding photos the other day and I could see how her face lights up when she sees me and Hubby walking down the aisle together, me smiling and him with his tongue cheekily sticking out!

If you want to avoid the commercialised aspect of the event, try doing something  more personal to express a little romance to your loved one. It doesn’t even have to be planned or expensive, you can do what makes your heart flutter and soar on a whim. For example

  •  Camping under the stars in the back yard, with wine and chocolates on the side
  •  Taking a night drive to a look out to see city lights
  •  Have a sunset picnic by the beach
  •  Heart Shaped theme meal, entree, main and dessert using heart cutters
  • Playing a game of chess with chocolates (winner takes all the chocolates of course!).

The options are endless. You can be as creative as you like to make someone feel extra special. Here are some other DIY projects you may want to try out:


Paint Swatches Valentine’s Day Cards from –

vday 2

Paper Heart Garland from –

vday 3

Giant crepe paper rose flower at –

Do let me know if you decide to make any of these projects. I would love to see your creations! I may just go out and hunt down some crepe paper to attempt the giant flower, it looks so gorgeous and the  best thing is it lasts forever!

Best of luck with your impromptu Valentines, sometimes the most romantic moments are those that are spontaneous!

What are your plans on Valentine’s? Do you celebrate this day?