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Hi everyone, what a week this has been! And it pretty much just started for me here in Western Australia (my brain is playing catching up), as we came off a long weekend. Everyone who walked into work on Tuesday was a little ‘bleh…it feels like Monday…but woohoo for the short week!’. As for me, I’m a part-time working parent so everyday is ‘work’ for me. But I can’t complain.

Sometimes I wonder, maybe deep down I am a project-holic, busy-holic…because I don’t think I am a workaholic. I like to keep myself challenged and being busy and working on my fresh biz, SELF Organics is what I truely enjoy. When 2014 began I promised myself to dive a little deeper and not get too held back by perfection. As I found perfectionism can be a disguised as a ‘phobia’ or fear factor, it affected me psychologically that I feared taking steps into growing SELF Organics. I still have my little hesitations, that once I begin this leap there is no stopping it and I will have to go full balls OUT on my plans. As I also have been know to have the personality trait not to disappoint others and uplift them.

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Natural Soy Wax Candles

Last year in May 2013, I launched the online website, two months before my maternity leave ended. And it has now taken me 9 months to grow in confidence and go out to the markets. I want my customers to indulge in the SELF Organics experience, smell, try and fall in love with the products. Most importantly, I wanted to meet the faces of my customers and talk to them to find out what they like. And therefore two Sundays ago I was off to show off my hand made wares at the Upcycle and Sustainability Fair in Subiaco, Perth.

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SELF Organics Market Stall

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The markets stall received a great response, better than I anticipated. Well it was the first…but it was a great first! A lot of positives and learnt a lot about market etiquette in one day from neighbouring stall holders. Everyone was just so helpful and lovely. I could see myself doing this more often. The time spent in preparing for those couple of hours can be hard work but I had so much fun in the end I can become addicted to this…

This particular market concentrated on sustainability and upcycling, I always keep sustainability in mind when I create my artisan products for SELF Organics, the packaging I use is either reuseable or biodegradable. And all the ingredients I use are natural or certified organic by the governing body that it was sourced from.


Wellbeing premium loose leaf teas

What started as an interest in soap making has now grown into a range of bath, beauty and well being products. The most recent items I have added are the Premium Loose Leaf Teas along with the natural soy wax candles. I’m looking forward to more exciting times as my fourth child grows up (well I do have 3 little munchkins that also keep me on my toes). It’s all fun when everything is thrown into the mix!

If you would like to visit my little online shop, please stop by selforganics.com.

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