Head & Heart – March 2015

It’s been a while since I have opened up my ‘Head & Heart’ section of this blog. And after a much needed Easter long weekend break sorting out all things to do with my personal, family, small business life I am going to enjoy sitting down and recalling the month that is March.

You too can play along, by sharing your own Head & Heart post on your blog. It is great way to get to know the personality behind the blog. As we often write about topics that may not show our character entirely. You can find out more on how to be a part of this secret bloggers club (no really…it isn’t that secret!) by heading over to Helarious. No BIG BAD rules, just honest writing…

Anyway here mine goes:

What am I grateful for?

Receiving encouragement from my peers – ever since I have dived into the small creative community in Perth I have met some awesome artists out there, doing their own thing with their hands and the time they find outside of their day job. It is a fantastic feeling to know that I am not the only crazy, overworked, passion-driven soap maker around here! And just hearing how much they love my products and want to buy it for their family and friends to make them feel special, makes my heart sing.

Time with my children – I say this a lot, but I just feel that I don’t want to wish their childhood away. Every month that passes by, I feel their hands growing bigger, limbs getting longer, confidence and independence improving. It makes me so proud, but I also know I have to stop and savour their little faces. I love seeing them interact, play in their home made tents, dress up and sing lullabys to each other. Also I say this, because I am an extra busy mum. I realise I do a lot! Maybe too much on the plate at the moment, so spending time with them keeps me grounded.

I’ve been thinking a lot about:

Big plans – if you are a follower of TheSimpleChic on twitter you may already know what I am going on about. And if not on twitter, let me tell you here first…after many months of secretly plotting…I am going to become a cafe owner! It has come to a time in my life, where I know I am confident and capable of taking on such a dream. It has been a dream since I was 18 years old…that I would one day run a cafe with my friend. And so we are doing it! I can’t wait to talk more about the details as I blog on…and I hope you will follow my journey of taking on this exciting project.


What have I been doing?

Turning 31 –  Yes I ticked over the 30s and have learnt not to take things so seriously and certain of what I want.  am no longer that skinny, self-conscious, shy girl and it’s great not focusing things that never really made me happy to begin with. I love being a young mum, my curves, a business woman and seizing opportunities that come my way…it’s like I have started to take control of my destiny, when I did feel a little lost in my 20s. We all did what our parents wanted us to do, get the university degree, get married, buy a house etc…but now I feel I have to tread my own path to find myself. And on my birthday was my last day at work in the office, my hubby and kids picked me up and we went to celebrate at San Churros, our favourite family spot. What an exciting and liberating day that was!

31st bday

Meetings with coffee roasters – Funny how I shall be running a cafe very soon but I have always preferred tea over coffee. Back in my early twenties I worked as a barista and always enjoyed the smell of coffee, but never truely appreciated the taste until now. I have been spending some time meeting with different coffee roasters to choose a blend that is signature to the cafe. It’s a fun process, as I discover the differences in flavour, depth and acidity. My eyes have been opened to the world of coffee…caffeine is in my blood!! I’m so excited to be learning about this world, but have a slight fear of stepping in too deep…where I may transform into a coffee geek. Too much pressure to conform to the hipster barista life lol!

Stocking SELF Organics into retailers – This year I have had to cut out my market time and distribute my time and energy into the cafe project. Hence I have been stocking local retailers with SELF Organics, I will always love making soaps, creams and candles…it’s something I hope to one day stock in the cafe too. If you have a favourite small boutique that you would like to see SELF Organics in, please send  an email and I shall get in touch with them.  And I shall send out a small thank you gift for sharing with me.

What have I bought?

Fitness gear – For my birthday, I bought myself some nice new fitness gear. Not to exercise but to wear for comfort haha. I like the look of exercise wear but there’s no chance of spotting me in a gym. I found they opened up a Running Bare in Karrinyup Shopping Centre and they have a bright and bold pattern range that makes me want to run and dance and so on. Next on my list are some comfy Nike Roche sneakers, they seem to be all over the internet but they just struck me as very comfy shoes…like pillows on the feet.



I hope you enjoyed reading my Head & Heart post, I haven’t been consistent with this segment…when I think I really should. It’s great sharing my thoughts and personal side with you. I feel I much closer to my readers that way.

Hope you are all having a great week!


The Simple Chic


  1. I LOVED this post – thank you for sharing more about what is going on behind The Simple Chic. I think I will have to do one of these myself :-)

    I am thrilled to hear about your café – it is so exciting to hear that you are following your dreams. All the very best xxx

    • Thanks so much Kate! It always puts a smile on my face to hear from you. Head & Heart posts are one of my favourites to do and read…it’s one way for me to stalk blogger friends unintentionally hehe. I really hope you write one! I’m so excited about opening a cafe, there are so many ideas and things to prepare but it is a positive step in a different direction :) xx

  2. Congratulations E such amazing achievements, all while raising a young family. Well done!!

    • Thanks E, it’s all happening haha. I try to balance my life with grace, but at the moment it is anything but! Can’t wait to invite you to have a cuppa. My best friend and I are actually going to use the plant hanger you made for her in our cafe. It inspired us to do a garden/green theme indoors :)

    • Oh E-von, I am SO DAMN EXCITED FOR YOUR CAFE !!!! This is awesome, and seeing you drive towards making this dream a reality is soo inspiring and incredible to watch, go you!!!

      Plus, those shoes. I LOVE THEM! I may need to get a pair myself now 😀

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