Karrinyup Swim & Resort 2015 Fashion Parade – feat. Sea Folly and more

Last weekend, I was invited down to Rendevous  Hotel, Scarborough beach to take a look at this Summer season hottest swim & resort fashion courtesy of Karrinyup Shopping Centre and Seafolly.

swim 15c

It was brilliantly arranged by the ladies at 3AM thoughts PR. I amongst other Perth bloggers were treated to delicious breakfast, and some bright and cheery cupcakes to match the theme of the show. Just looking at the bright colours lifted my spirits and made my mouth water! The event was fab, it really woke me up on a Saturday morning! Plus, it was nice to see some familiar faces that I had been stalking on Instagram, most who I only knew by alias (which is such an ‘internet/blogger’ thing).

swim 15g

swim 15d

When we stepped out onto the beach, there was a samba band playing and even an aerial campaign, which looked great with the clear blue sky as the back drop. The plane pulled along the hashtag #karrinyupswimresort15 and kind of explained what was going on to the rest of the beachgoers, who just rocked up for the surf and sand. I’m sure it was puzzling to them why there were heaps of cameras, a loud band and hot models walking about. However, the girls and guys who were modelling the swimwear were very professional, confident and was too busy having a fun time in the sun.

swim 15b

swim 15f

The models were holding up placards of the brands  they were wearing, I wouldn’t have thought sports brands such as Running Bare and Lulu Lemon designed swimwear. Next time I will think about shopping my swimwear in sports shops, as I can remember from my past experience I would only buy speedo-type one piece racers from sports stores. These days, it seems atheletic brands are getting it right in the fashion stakes. They are beginning to catch-on that we all want to look good when we have to sweat it out or jump in the water…

swim 15e

swim 15

I was glad I wore my sandals that day because there weren’t many warnings about a trek into the sand after the fashion parade at the hotel. I could see other bloggers struggling with their heels or wedges, but still looking ultra fashionable. I must have been the only crazy one wearing a black tank dress…thankfully the weather was a cool 23 degrees at 9:30am.

One of the best parts of the day was receiving a bag full of goodies from various Karrinyup shopping centre retailers, such as Live Clothing, Lush, Crabtree & Evelyn, T2 Tea and lots more! My kids even got to enjoy the blow up beach ball thanks to Rendezvous Hotel. I’m especially loving the huge beach bag from Sea Folly, purple is one of my favourite colours. Which may encourage me to venture out to the beach side more often before the weather turns cold.

swim 15h
Hope you are still enjoying the beach and pools while it’s still hot. I’m especially looking forward to the Sculptures by the Beach exhibition coming next week to Cottosloe Beach.

Are you still enjoying the Summer days or are you wishing it was Autumn already?



Walking with Giants – Perth International Arts Festival Kicks off!

From February 13th-15th, ‘Valentine’s Weekend’ Perth got a special visit from some very large friendly marionette puppets. These were The Giants, a performance headed by the French theatrical group, Royal De Luxe. And they came to help celebrate the opening of the Perth International Arts Festival (one of the longest running festivals of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere!).


It would have been my first time seeing Perth at a standstill, traffic wise…it was just so busy! Apparently the news reported 1.7 million viewers came down to see The Giants over the 3 days. I happened to be working overtime on the Saturday and saw the crowds pour into the CBD to watch these gigantic wooden and metal constructs walking around and turning the city into a magical and enchanted place.

We went on the Sunday, to Langley Park. My kids absolutely loved it, especially my Lil Moon, who after the event identifies herself as the Giant Little Girl. Afterall, she thought they had common physical features…long black hair, fluttering eyelashes and heart shaped face.  It was just so precious to see their little faces and eyes light up with excitement and imagination.


I couldn’t believe the numbers of watchers coming in see the performance. Well done to Perth International Arts coordinators…this was indeed a great FREE event for families.


But from what I overheard, not everyone was happy with their experience and thought the event was poorly managed…but I’m sure if more big shows come to Perth, we will surely learn how to deal with them. So please keep them coming!!



The Perth International Arts Festival runs until the 7th March, and the films continue onto the 12th April. I love this time of year, when our little city gets injected with so much fun, creativity and culture!

Find out  what events are on and how to book tickets here.

Are you into big events such as these?


Head & Heart Series: June 2014

I can’t believe how fast the month of June has flown and it has now come to another segment of ‘Head and Heart’. I feel it is really that time in my life where I have to physically stop myself to smell the roses and enjoy the true, blessed moments of my life. Being a busy parent can make it quite difficult to do that. But I hope with my monthly installment of ‘Head and Heart’ it will make it easier for me to think about how I spend my 30 days in a month.

june 2014

Discovering an orchard nearby our home

What I’ve been grateful for:

Helpful souls who do not asking for anything in return. I have been busy putting together the accounts properly with a family friend who has offered her time and services to assist with the newsagency account. I have been racking my brains on all this accounting stuff, that it’s hurting my grey matter! So I was really beyond thankful that she came to us to lend a hand in sorting out all the numbers…which is obviously a weak point of mine.

Winter sunshine – As much as I love the rain that has been watering my garden and keeping it look alive. I am loving the sun that takes over during the day. It reminds me to look forward to Summer days and it makes me feel alive and energetic to get on with what the day throws at me. I have always a sunny disposition so it is quite normal for me to react to the sunshine!

Exploring new places with my kids, it can be tricky at times to take the whole family out as there is the worry that the kids will get over tired and throw a hissy fit. Hence we seldom go out and stay home, plus going out for a family of five isn’t exactly cheap anymore. Every where, it’s like spend on food, petrol, entertainment and something else. I tend to take my children to new places that don’t break the budget and the family has the chance to take some happy snaps and enjoy the day. I am grateful for those places, and these moments.

 What I’ve been thinking about:

Painting a black board wall in my kitchen area. Lil Moon has been busy practicing her artistic skills on the kitchen wall with my whiteboard markers, however it isn’t a whiteboard! So I have bought a can of Chalkboard paint from our local hardware store, Bunnings, a couple of small sized brushes so she can show off her artistic flair that way. Once it has dried I shall offer her a new set of chalk to draw till her hearts desire.

Creating a 365 book. I recently bought a 365 notebook from Kikki K and have thought about capturing my daily inspirations, motivations, thoughts, dreams etc all in one book. I have been writing in diaries since I was 8 years old and I hope to collate a personal journal with photos, drawings and so on….so that I may hold onto to the little fleeting moments that are so important in my life right now. That I may like to sit down and read once again when the children have all grown up.

What I’m excited for:

Taking SELF Organics to the Made on the Left Markets at the end of the month. I feel this is going to be a highlight of my handmade year! It’s all happening on the 27th July at the State Theatre Centre of W.A. There will be heaps of fellow handmade artists, so it will be a great day of shopping unique finds!

My Lil Man starts at a new pre-kindy, he is almost 4 and he is already switching schools. But not because the reason you might think, the centre he was at shut down! So we had no choice but to find another pre-kindy. He is so excited and I love seeing his enthusiasm for changes and new experiences. This is the age where resilience building begins.

What I’ve been doing:

It’s the end of financial year so I have been putting the books together ready for tax purposes. Sounds pretty boring huh? Well for me it is something I don’t enjoy and is not my specialty. I have been sitting with an accountant and see their face light up with excitement when they balance the accounts. I just can’t relate at all…

Doing a bit of online shopping for my upcoming market and making  more stock…which means lots of fun soaping and pouring candles.

What I’ve been reading:

Natural Beauty Bible – finding lots of tips on how to keep skincare natural and simple, these days I find that it is the most important thing to do for myself is reducing the amount of chemicals I interact with on a daily basis.

Anti-ageing beauty Bible – I have hit my 30s and definitely a lot more interested in anti-ageing products. I started using them in my early 20s and they have been helping my skin so far. This is a great book with reviews on the industry’s best and most  products that help with anti-ageing.

What I’ve been spending money on:

Birthday parties for my Lil Man and Lil Moon, they will be turning 4 and 2 years old respectively and at this age I feel it isn’t such a big deal when they have a combined party. Money has been going into the planning of it all and the presents. So I’m looking forward to the day coming around now.

Stocking up on my organic oils, butters and new packaging for my soaps. It’s been almost two years with the old design so I decided to change it up a bit and create a new eco-friendly look to my packaging. I’ll have to show you more details in another post.

Apologies…it took me longer than expected to write this post up! The computer screen has actually been up all week, after a number of logins and I have managed to finish it now. I can also blame it on my ability to be distracted by a hundred things at once…I tend to walk away then come back to a task and I can also blame Facebook and Pinterest.

Anyways, hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. I have another new post coming up on a small business in the spotlight, hear the passion and motivations behind this budding entrepreneur.

Till next time, Ciao!





*Want to join in the ‘Head and Heart’ series…check out Helarious for more details. And share your Head and Heart each month.

Bridesmaid Diary – Bali Wedding


Well my bridesmaid duties are over, sad as it sounds, it was a very special experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Please excuse the fact that this post should have been up a month ago?! I must admit, it has been sort of tough going back to my state of ‘normalcy’ after the holidays. Don’t we all wish that our holidays would continue on forever?



Looking at these photos of the place that we stayed for the wedding and remembering all the fun times we had, no wonder normalcy kind of sucks! I mean look at that sunshine…pure gold. I say this as I type with numb, freezing fingers on a wintery Perth night.




It has been over a month since I went over to Bali for my best friend’s wedding where I stood by her side on her special day. Such an amazing experience and so many tears of joy shed and memories that will stay ingrained in my mind. However, the tan lines have certainly started to fade and it is a reminder that I have to save up for my next trip to Bali! Being on holiday with the kids was fun but it wasn’t a ‘relaxing’ holiday, weddings are pretty hectic and with kids it can get stressful. So in short I’m just saying…Bali would be a romantic paradise without kids. Plus, I was being anal mummy because I was so concerned that one of mine would fall sick and have the dreaded ‘Bali Belly’ gastro. So I had to play the water-nazi when it came to my kids coming in contact with Bali water.



We got to dine at the Echo Beach restaurant and capture this mesmerizing sunset. Every sunset in Bali is truely magnificant!



Overall the wedding was magical, it was set near the beach in Canggu amongst the backdrop of a warm, Bali sunset. Michelle and David were made for each other, all the family and friends certainly could see that. As for the evening reception, it was only a few steps away from the ceremony location, and as it turned to dusk the twinkling fairy lights and candles lit up the place and the faces of the  guests. It was the ultimate fairy tale wedding. The bride herself wore a Betty Tran designer gown, it was a champagne colour, sheer back, hand beaded  dress. And the bridesmaids wore a corn flower blue chiffon dress from ForeverNew.


bali 2

It was just such an amazing night full of love, happiness and serenity… what a great start to their married life together! Love those two.

What is your favourite wedding you have attended? And what made it so special?


Ebay Collections

Collecting creative knick knacks is something I enjoy doing or it is probably ingrained in my personality. You should see my fabric stash! It is just overflowing and I have to keep it under wraps so my husband doesn’t suspect. I like to sew and hence I’m keeping the fabric for the day when I have a quiet moment to take a seat next to my sewing machine. So far that moment is somewhere in the distant future! But yes I admit, I am a keen collector, collections is my way of organising the things that I enjoy.

So when I was invited to try out Ebay Collections, it intimidated me a little, was it going to bring out the obsessive, compulsive side of me? How would I organise my collections in the way that was stylish, chic, simple? I was intrigued and had to see what it was all about. After putting together a first few of my collections, I finally got the hang of it and found it so easy to catagorise my wish-list. It was useful in a way where I could find track down the best price and seller for the goods and have them all in one spot to review a bit later. I even made a collection called ‘echo living’ and all the items in that collection is specifically to help me work towards my goal of living more sustainably.


My ebay collections currently available for snooping

I didn’t feel the usual ‘stress’ of an online auction, or having to leave it aside for a little while. There is still the ‘watch list’ option, so that specifically tells you when an item is ending. Ebay collections acts more of like a pin-board but this is a board of all the items you want to buy! So it may pose a risk to the wallet to see all you want in one place…

When I came back in a week or so after creating my collections, some of the items ran out of stock and the time on the auctions eventually finished. However, I know I can always trace it back to the seller and communicate with them if I need to buy that item later down the track. My other blogger friends have created their own collections, and I like to spy to see what’s on their wish list. Please be warned of ‘collection envy’, because some of my blogging friends have beautiful collections, it’s fun to know what they have their eye on.

Ebay Collections can be a helpful tool for when you are searching for a gift for your friend or family member, imagine if your friend or family member kept their own ebay collections… it would be so simple to click and buy them what they want. End of gift-hunting frustration!

This new tool is very similar to Pinterest where you can name the title of a collection and start searching items and adding them to that set. There is a function that allows for little notes and individual commentary. Also you can choose one item to be the cover image. I like seeing all my favourites in one spot…like I said this could prove dangerous to my wallet.

Have you tried making your own Ebay Collections? 

If you would like to see what I’m collecting, click onto this link – http://www.ebay.com.au/cln/thesimplechic

Have a great week all! It’s a long weekend here in Western Australia, so I’m so grateful for the sleep in…well…if I can


A trip to Maddison Cottage Cafe and Gifts

Last weekend, me and a couple of girlfriends went to try out the Maddison Cottage Cafe and Gifts in Guildford, Perth. We have heard so much about their devonshire tea service that we had to book ourselves in to join in the hype. Actually it was my friend’s idea…and I should have known she was up to something…

maddys 3

We arrived there at 1:30pm on the hottest day of the month, it was around 44 degrees that day! I wasn’t really in the mood for a hot tea but in the end the tea was just the right temperature…warm enough to enjoy with our high tea. Although on top of the tea, the girls at the cafe kept refilling our water jug because we couldn’t stop drinking to keep ourselves hydrated.

maddys 7

maddys 6

maddys 5.jpg

A high tea sitting at Maddys Guildford (as it is fondly known) costs around $34 per person. It includes a 3 tier china platter filled with sandwiches, mini quiches, vol au vents, scones with jam and cream, and a choice of sweet delights. We had fruit tart, cherry ripe slice and vanilla buttercream cupcakes. And the grapes were a refreshing touch. The ladies actually prepare the high tea treats the night before, so it is nice and fresh. And everytime you go, it will be a different menu…they prepare the choices differently each time.


maddys 10

maddys 9

The teas they offer are from the T2 range, I chose the ‘Relax’ tea, it just had a nice ring to it!

It was a lovely catch up with the girls, but inside the quaint 1920s styled cottage it can get very hot! Even though they had arranged tall tower fans to blow at us, the air was too warm inside to cool us down and we couldn’t enjoy ourselves completely.

The food was absolutely delicious, I have never had a high tea with such buttery ‘melt-in-your mouth’ quiches and pastries. The sandwiches were very tasty and the scones were generous in size, fluffy and light. As for the butter cream cupcakes, they resembled those baked at home and were full of vanilla flavour!

maddys 4

It was so sad that we had chosen to go on such a hot day. But I’m sure this won’t be our last trip here, next time we’ll have to come during the cooler months! The shop is decorated with flowers, French shabby chic style furniture and walls and corners filled with feminine gifts and homewares for purchase. The cafe is small in size, but would make a perfect place for a small bridal shower, baby shower, hens party and more.

maddys 8

maddys 2

And, actually… before we were allowed to put a bite into our mouths my friend was acting a little strange and incognito, but she suddenly dropped the question on us “Will you be my bridesmaids?”. I was pleasently surprised! And I graciously accepted. The other bridesmaid is also a friend who I have known since we were six years old, so it will be amazing to stand next to these two women who have shaped me and my life, when it comes to the Bali wedding in April. They are more like sisters to me than friends. I can’t wait! Operation Bridesmaid bootcamp to start NOW!

Have you tried the high tea at Maddison’s Cottage? Where is your favourite place to enjoy High Tea ?