Bridesmaid Diary – Bali Wedding


Well my bridesmaid duties are over, sad as it sounds, it was a very special experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Please excuse the fact that this post should have been up a month ago?! I must admit, it has been sort of tough going back to my state of ‘normalcy’ after the holidays. Don’t we all wish that our holidays would continue on forever?



Looking at these photos of the place that we stayed for the wedding and remembering all the fun times we had, no wonder normalcy kind of sucks! I mean look at that sunshine…pure gold. I say this as I type with numb, freezing fingers on a wintery Perth night.




It has been over a month since I went over to Bali for my best friend’s wedding where I stood by her side on her special day. Such an amazing experience and so many tears of joy shed and memories that will stay ingrained in my mind. However, the tan lines have certainly started to fade and it is a reminder that I have to save up for my next trip to Bali! Being on holiday with the kids was fun but it wasn’t a ‘relaxing’ holiday, weddings are pretty hectic and with kids it can get stressful. So in short I’m just saying…Bali would be a romantic paradise without kids. Plus, I was being anal mummy because I was so concerned that one of mine would fall sick and have the dreaded ‘Bali Belly’ gastro. So I had to play the water-nazi when it came to my kids coming in contact with Bali water.



We got to dine at the Echo Beach restaurant and capture this mesmerizing sunset. Every sunset in Bali is truely magnificant!



Overall the wedding was magical, it was set near the beach in Canggu amongst the backdrop of a warm, Bali sunset. Michelle and David were made for each other, all the family and friends certainly could see that. As for the evening reception, it was only a few steps away from the ceremony location, and as it turned to dusk the twinkling fairy lights and candles lit up the place and the faces of the  guests. It was the ultimate fairy tale wedding. The bride herself wore a Betty Tran designer gown, it was a champagne colour, sheer back, hand beaded  dress. And the bridesmaids wore a corn flower blue chiffon dress from ForeverNew.


bali 2

It was just such an amazing night full of love, happiness and serenity… what a great start to their married life together! Love those two.

What is your favourite wedding you have attended? And what made it so special?


Head & Heart – May 2014

What a start to the week, with a public holiday Monday to commemorate  the Western Australia public holiday, WA DAY. And I decided to join in on the fun with my very first part of the Head & Heart series,  a personal blogging project initiated by the lovely Helen from Helarious. The purpose of this series is to give my readers a little bit of insight to what I have been doing, thinking outside of my blogging world. I like the idea of this personal touch, because I have shared parts of me in my other posts but not as detailed like this. It also enables me to reflect on the last 30 days and helps me stay in touch with my psyche. I hope you enjoy reading this post, and will come back once a month to check back on what else is new with lil ol me.

So here it goes…

What I’ve been grateful for:

  • The two days I work, it balances my life I so can enjoy spending the time with my kids and as well as my colleagues. I’m not sure when I will be ready to head back to full time work because I’m enjoying this flexibility and my life at this very moment.
  • Friends new and old, May has been a challenging month for me mentally…and these are the faces who I love to see and share my troubling thoughts. I am so thankful for the new friendships I have made at work, through my daughter’s class and my community. And as for my old friends, I can always count on them for a ‘belly’ laugh.

What I’ve been thinking about:

  • Most of my thoughts have been a little on the down side lately, so I’m not 100% sure I want to be opened about this. I am usually such a bubbly and positive person. And admitting to failure is hard for anyone. But I’m committing to my Head & Heart…so here it goes. I want to be free, I want to be back to square one…I want a second chance to start all over again with my business passions. I feel as if I have failed in running my family’s newsagency, and there are so many other factors that caused the mismanagement. Naturally I feel it falls on my shoulders. I also blame middle-child syndrome.
  • New Winter recipes, I have been flipping through many cooking magazines and books for inspiration. I want to try new flavours, combinations and cuisines at home. Just need the time and the motivation to go shopping and cook something spectacular!
  • Booking my trip for Melbourne at the end of this year in December, I’m thinking about it and looking for deals, because my big brother is getting hitched!

What I’m excited for:

  • Lil Moon’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe how time has flown and my little angel is going to be 24 months old. I still the day I brought her home from the hospital. She has such a little firecracker personality and so loving, determined and clever. She really likes to give things a go, out of all my kids Lil Moon is the least anxious about new situations. But could be because she is number 3.
  • I received the bridal shower invitation for my friend, Jess who is having her bridal shower this coming weekend. I haven’t seen in her in almost 2 years. And when she left for the USA with her fiance, I was pregnant with Lil Moon. So she hasn’t met my daughter as yet. It is going to be so much fun and I’m very excited to catch up with her.

What I’ve been doing:

  • Soaping, I make hand made soaps out of organic ingredients and essential oils. I love the whole process, from start to finish. I have a batch currently curing on the rack and it makes the whole house smell wonderful!
  • Picking up where I left off from a knitting project I did 3 years ago, only just found it hiding in one of my craft boxes. It is a soft light purple scarf that is done using a moss stitch. I can’t wait to finish this one off. There are another 2 scarves I haven’t finished either. It is the only thing I can knit sadly… I hope to learn more when I have the spare time.
  • Enrolment time for my little man, it is that time of year where parents of kindy-aged kids need to start thinking of enrolling their child into a school. Mine was an easy choice, he will go to the same place as Lil Miss S. I can’t wait to do pick up and drop off at the same location. So much paperwork though…too much!

What I’ve been reading:

  • I wish I had more time to indulge in a book or two, I haven’t had a chance to pick up a novel in the past 6 months. I miss it so much, and it was always me escape and how I could rely on a book to take me to other places. I must admit my secret pleasure, it’s pretty terrible but I have been reading articles from my Facebook feed which include Mamamia, Popsugar and iVillage.
  • And blogs of course! It brightens up my day hearing how other bloggers have gone through similar feelings and experiences. I don’t feel alone with my feelings.

What I’ve been spending money on:

  • Earrings, because I just keep losing one of the pair. It’s terrible, it’s like they repel my ears! I don’t spend a fortune on them because I know they don’t stick around for long.
  • Eating, I just bought the Perth Entertainment Voucher book from Lil Miss S school to support the fundraising committee. And it has been a great money saver for social eating moments. The kids have been flipping through it too picking their favourite spots to dine out. My kids are so outgoing and lately I haven’t been…I’m thankful for their positive little beaming faces that make me want to discover again.
What are you grateful for? If you have a moment, take some time to reflect on your past month and let’s get personal together. 
“A monthly capture of my feelings and doings in the raw.”

Head & Heart is a monthly series created by Helen of Helarious. Practise this monthly ritual of gratitude and happiness, by sharing your own feelings in a blog post.


Ebay Collections

Collecting creative knick knacks is something I enjoy doing or it is probably ingrained in my personality. You should see my fabric stash! It is just overflowing and I have to keep it under wraps so my husband doesn’t suspect. I like to sew and hence I’m keeping the fabric for the day when I have a quiet moment to take a seat next to my sewing machine. So far that moment is somewhere in the distant future! But yes I admit, I am a keen collector, collections is my way of organising the things that I enjoy.

So when I was invited to try out Ebay Collections, it intimidated me a little, was it going to bring out the obsessive, compulsive side of me? How would I organise my collections in the way that was stylish, chic, simple? I was intrigued and had to see what it was all about. After putting together a first few of my collections, I finally got the hang of it and found it so easy to catagorise my wish-list. It was useful in a way where I could find track down the best price and seller for the goods and have them all in one spot to review a bit later. I even made a collection called ‘echo living’ and all the items in that collection is specifically to help me work towards my goal of living more sustainably.


My ebay collections currently available for snooping

I didn’t feel the usual ‘stress’ of an online auction, or having to leave it aside for a little while. There is still the ‘watch list’ option, so that specifically tells you when an item is ending. Ebay collections acts more of like a pin-board but this is a board of all the items you want to buy! So it may pose a risk to the wallet to see all you want in one place…

When I came back in a week or so after creating my collections, some of the items ran out of stock and the time on the auctions eventually finished. However, I know I can always trace it back to the seller and communicate with them if I need to buy that item later down the track. My other blogger friends have created their own collections, and I like to spy to see what’s on their wish list. Please be warned of ‘collection envy’, because some of my blogging friends have beautiful collections, it’s fun to know what they have their eye on.

Ebay Collections can be a helpful tool for when you are searching for a gift for your friend or family member, imagine if your friend or family member kept their own ebay collections… it would be so simple to click and buy them what they want. End of gift-hunting frustration!

This new tool is very similar to Pinterest where you can name the title of a collection and start searching items and adding them to that set. There is a function that allows for little notes and individual commentary. Also you can choose one item to be the cover image. I like seeing all my favourites in one spot…like I said this could prove dangerous to my wallet.

Have you tried making your own Ebay Collections? 

If you would like to see what I’m collecting, click onto this link –

Have a great week all! It’s a long weekend here in Western Australia, so I’m so grateful for the sleep in…well…if I can


Small business lessons – how to accept failure and move on

I can’t believe how much time has past by this year, I haven’t even begun to think of plans for 2014. It’s crazy… I have been so busy with my personal life that sadly this blog has been pushed aside. And recently, I mentioned to you on my Facebook Page that things haven’t been fairing so well…my positive outlook mainly. This year, life has thrown me many highs and many lows too. I used to be so good at overlooking the negatives and just moving on.

But sometimes, when you get hit down so many times you start believing in your mind that maybe it’s true…I am a failure. I made these wrong decisions that lead me down this path. Cut a long story short, I was juggling too much on my plate. Which included two businesses, and one didn’t work out. I didn’t want to become a statistic, after all they say ‘more than 50% of start-up businesses fail in their first year’…but it happened and I am reeling from it.


Turn failure into an open door

So I’m not sure what I should do now…I feel a little lost. And my other business which I am most passionate about has been growing steadily this year. I’m just going to keep taking it to the next level and try to forget about my past failures, or at least learn from my mistakes.

I didn’t have any experience in running a business and I knew I wasn’t prepared with all the numbers. I am the creative type, those numbers and paperwork can be such a bore. But I realise how important they are to supporting what I love doing…something I feel passionate about. So if you are thinking of a great business idea, don’t forget to keep up with the numbers…don’t stop analysing, planning, thinking outside of the box and on top of the money.

Because truth be told, creativity is so much more satisfying to the soul! But being money smart and organising your accounts will make the business happen like clockwork.



I feel this picture says it all, being a creative you have to be open to criticism from others and yourself, to be free and not even consider the idea of ‘failure’. The fear of failure I learnt can make you second guess yourself, impact your normal reactions and can kill creativity.

The last 12 months, I have been on questioning myself, who am I and can I do this?  This post was not intended to deter you from pursuing your own dreams, I want you to know that uncertainty and unpreparedness is something you don’t want to have when you start your business. Always been on top of your game and keep the back room running smoothly, or why not hire someone. That way you can keep killin’ it they best way you know how!

You know I always have your back. Don’t ever stop dreaming and don’t give up on your passions!

Have a great weekend


Discovering new adult friendships

Lately I have discovered something about myself, I know I am easy going, friendly and open person but I also found out I am still shy, cautious and I have been saying no to the potential of making new friends as an adult. Can we all agree – Being an adult is so complex, I never knew that it would be this way when I was a teenager who couldn’t wait to spread my wings and fly. I have been lucky in my life that I have kept friends from my childhood, my best friend is still the person I met when I was 6. We grew up but still grew into individuals who respect and love each other. As we move into adulthood, the element of trust is difficult to have with a stranger…therefore adult friendships appear so complex.

As much as I love my tight knit group of school friends, I feel that for so many years I have closed the opportunity to connect to others and meet new people. In a way, I guess I kind of felt I was betraying them with new friendships made outside of the circle. Or not being able to express my personal thoughts and trust someone to understand them. As an adult it can be tricky to make those close connections with a another adult…because it is a whole different playground. Being a kid in the playground was easy, friendships were made over sharing a bag of chips or laughing at the same cartoons. With adults it’s about emotional connections and similar experiences. Developing a friendship in adulthood, is when you can share something that you wouldn’t normally share with a wider group.

hope you like my blog!I post alot about

I am a naturally reserved and private person, so without being aware of it, the way I would go about avoiding making new close friendships was to say no to outings or activities that was outside of my ‘comfort’ zone. So this time, I decided I want to change that way about myself and make an effort to connect.

So far I have begun to meet up with other mums from Lil Miss S school and started seeing my work friends outside of work. I am enjoying it very much, breaking free from my shell and not being shy about being social. It’s quite liberating and my confidence is growing day by day. I am learning so much more and life is enriched by different interactions.

If you are feeling a little lonely and need to find a friend to share common interests with, don’t be shy, I encourage everyone of you to reach out and give new friendships a chance. By allowing yourself to become ‘available’ again and share your likes & dislikes you may find another alike human being. We get so bound by the ‘busyness’ of it all, life and especially the interference of social media that we forget how to interact like humans and regain that emotional connection again with another person. It is such a beautiful and refreshing thing to care for another person, to smile, to enjoy a moment. Something that is completely different to passionate love, or filial love…friendship is such a gift.

Friendships is not measured by the number of people who you have on your Facebook. It’s about how many will stand by your side when you are in trouble or when you need help and a listening ear.

Have a great Wednesday! Wow…only 1 more day till a 4 day weekend. Wootwoot!


Adios 20s and Hello to the 30s

From the beginning of last week I could no longer describe myself as ‘a 20-something year old’, the clock has ticked over and 2014 is the year when I say goodbye to my twenties and hello to my proper adulthood the 30s. So for now, everywhere I go I have to reprogram to describe myself as a ’30-something year old’…well at least I have one more year left till I have to say that.

30 birthday cake

However, it’s kind of odd and embarrassing when I’m out with my kids, and someone asks me ‘Are those your brothers and sisters?’. I could have died of ‘happiness’ on the spot. As I am often mistaken for a teenager, still studying and preparing for my year 12 ball (apparently these situations have only happened in the past year or so – strangely in the last year of my twenties). I guess my twenties was the decade where I had a lot of growing up to do and FAST, I got married had my three beautiful babies and now I feel I am a lot more stable and confident knowing what I want to do with the rest of my life.

Although, during my twenties I couldn’t give myself 100% to find out who I really am. I dedicated the time to raising my children, helping them to find themselves. And I developed a very caring, motherly role…and this will continue for the rest of my life. But I also have to realise I still have to leave time for me, to do that soul searching that other 20-somethings have the opportunity to do. I never really had the travel bug or want to study more. One degree is enough! For me, to find myself is to find a way to contribute to the world. I just want to make a difference to have a voice and teach/motivate/help others to find themselves if they are feeling lost.

So if I could give some advice to my 30 year old self, let me suggest a few things:

–  be strong in the face of failure and mistake. To grow wings again and to start again if need be

–  allow time for relaxation, quiet and things that bring you pleasure to be enjoyed

–  speak up when things do not make you happy

–  say ‘no’ more

–  pick your opportunities and go full speed ahead

–  continue to see the positives and the light in times of darkness

–  lift up those who have lost the strength to carry on

– meet new friends, make new bonds and connections

–  take deep breaths and enjoy the naturescapes around you

– take care of yourself mentally and physically as further down the track your body will thank you

I have so many things I still need to learn and listen to my inner self. No matter how old we are we are constantly learning, absorbing, feeling and we shouldn’t allow age or a number to dictate how ‘mature’ we get. I have spoken to many 70 and 80 year old who still giggle and joke around like teenagers. Beauty fades but the heart still remains the same.

Stay tuned for my Birthday Haul video coming soon. I’m currently working on the editing and should be up tomorrow.

Have a great week!


Bridesmaid diary – Mishy’s Hen’s night

Hello Saturday! It’s been a busy week but I’m glad I can finally sit down and post about what happened last Saturday when I had my Bestie’s Hen’s night. I am one of the bridesmaids… so I felt it was my duty to make sure the Bride-to-be had an awesome time. I have never organised a ‘girls night out’ Hen’s before, I wondered where to start? I searched the internet for games, decoration ideas and I had become pinner-friendly on Pinterest. By the end of the planning I had become obsessed with phallic shapes and coconuts.

pink glasses

hens night 2


Her wedding will be in Bali so it was only appropriate to have a ‘tropical’ theme Hen’s night. So I shopped for grass skirts, pink plastic martini glasses, coconuts and more. The decorations turned out perfectly, I even managed to DIY some tissue paper pom poms by using the Martha Stewart online tutorial.

DIY poms poms

I didn’t know whether I would don the coconuts and grass skirt myself so I picked up two wearable outfits from Portmans. The mix of colours and patterns look very tropical and they will be sure to come along with me to Bali. Thanks for your help on Instagram and Facebook on which one to wear. In the end I thought the more practical one would have to be the short length dress. And surely by the end of the evening it worked better when we hit the clubs.

hens night 3

We played games, there was  topless waiter, it was just girls letting go of their inhibitions and having a great time (as you can see how excited a married woman can be!) . Usually at a Hen’s night when all the bride’s friends are from different walks of life and who you have never properly met can get a little awkward at times. However, this was not the case, everyone got along so well and everyone seems to have the same kind of humour. As a host, that is one of the most important things to consider on a Hen’s night, otherwise you could end up offending someone or make them feel uncomfortable which you don’t want to do. It also depends on the personality of the Hen, does she prefer a more classy do or she wants to let down her hair. The one organising it, has to have an idea what kind of guests she is catering for…I would have to say it is also one of the trickiest.

hens night

It was such a hilarious night, I met the rest of the girls who will be coming to Bali and everyone was relaxed and had a good laugh so no doubt we will have a second round when we all arrive in Bali. Plus we were lucky to be able to use the common room in Mishy’s apartment, so the event felt personal and ‘safe’. By 11pm we ventured out and got up to mischief out in Northbridge, Perth.

Have you had to organise a Hen’s night before? What theme did you have and what games did you play?

Here are a list of links that helped me with Mishy’s Hen’s night. Maybe it can help you too:

Hen’s night games

Tasteful Hen’s night games 

Pecka products

Reject Shop – for all the Tropical themed decorations

Topless Waiter

Some of these links are Perth specific, but you can always get ideas from around your city by typing in to Google. Google is the Bomb!

Have a great weekend guys!


Sculptures by the Sea happening at Cottosloe Beach

The first days of Autumn have been a little warmer for my taste. Autumn has always been my favourite season, because I get to wear my scarfs. I am a scarf-crazy woman. However we have been getting the cool nights, and they are a nice change to the sweaty slumbers and expensive power bills from using the air conditioner. I have been fond of the longer days too, I will miss the 7:30pm sun sets. We’ve been lucky to have the sun stick around till at least 7pm these days. So to embrace the first days of this extended Summer/ late Autumn my family and I decided to check out the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition happening at Cottosloe Beach, Western Australia. The exhibition runs until the 23rd March 2014, and it is completely FREE so there is still a lot of time to get down there and see them all.

Last year was a great exhibition, we enjoyed it until the sun went down. This year we came around 6pm and an hour was not enough to cover all the art works as the sun set before we get around to them all. It could have something to do with the first day crowds, as they were having a special dance performance on a resurrected stage in the middle of the beach. We brought along our picnic basket and blanket and the kids had such a care-free time.

And here they are…watch out, photo-bombardment coming your way!

sculptures by the  sea 2014 c


This was a stunning display of flags representing the volunteer Lifesavers. They commit their time and efforts to keeping everyone safe on our beaches and we are forever thankful.

sculptures by the  sea 2014 d


This was the Saturday evening crowd, as you can see in the distance they had a lots going on. There was traditional didgeridoo music, dancing and acrobats too.

sculptures by the  sea 2014 e


The most popular and largest of the sculptures was the gigantic ‘Goon bag’. Not the most classiest symbol of Australian culture, but I do remember very well when I was growing up where casket wine was always kept in the fridge.

sculptures by the  sea 2014


The stunning horizon of a sun setting always gets me. I love it, sun sets don’t make me sad…they remind me how much natural beauty can take your breath away and how it will soon present a new day!

sculptures by the  sea 2014 g


These glass feet were also accompanied by another pair of glass feet on a different rock. Not sure what was the artist was trying to convey, although the ghostly-feel is actually quite intriguing and mystifying.

sculptures by the  sea 2014 h


I love skeletons, and this one was one of my favourites. Looks like a heavy load to carry whilst cycling up to the moon. It was a large sculpture and I love the silhouette it  creates at sunset.

sculptures by the  sea 2014 f

This was the Sculpture by the Sea landscape on Cottosloe beach. Each piece had a little sign stating the name of the art work and another that said ‘do not touch the sculptures’…but you really can’t help it with children all over the beach. It presents as a big playground to them. There was another sculpture I didn’t capture because it got too dark, but I have to mention it. It was a wave like structure constructed what looked like wire and Barbie dolls. It was freaky and cool at the same time. My 6yo daughter pointed to a couple and said ‘I have this one, and this one…’.

Sculpture by the Sea has to be one of the family’s favourite local outing every year, it’s FREE, a picnic by the sea, viewing art…it’s the perfect combination. And it was lovely to see the entertainment this year, as they aren’t there everyday… I assume it was set up just for the first weekend.

So if you’re in Perth, grab a picnic rug, some treats and go down and make a day of it. You can find more details at the Sculpture by the Sea website here

Have a great week! I’ll just keep dreaming of the beach…





Valentine’s on a whim

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!! Do you get excited and filled with butterflies or does it make your insides turn in a way that you want to expel? I think this is a lovely time of year where not only couples use it as an excuse to make grand gestures of love but it’s nice to see little messages pop up in the children’s lunch boxes and secret admirers leave chocolates, flowers or love notes behind.

Hubz and I used to celebrate this occasion with a dinner date, but now with three little ones we keep it low key with a home made meal and a card. I like sharing it with my 6 yo who is a old enough to understand the idea of love and cards. We were just flipping through my wedding photos the other day and I could see how her face lights up when she sees me and Hubby walking down the aisle together, me smiling and him with his tongue cheekily sticking out!

If you want to avoid the commercialised aspect of the event, try doing something  more personal to express a little romance to your loved one. It doesn’t even have to be planned or expensive, you can do what makes your heart flutter and soar on a whim. For example

  •  Camping under the stars in the back yard, with wine and chocolates on the side
  •  Taking a night drive to a look out to see city lights
  •  Have a sunset picnic by the beach
  •  Heart Shaped theme meal, entree, main and dessert using heart cutters
  • Playing a game of chess with chocolates (winner takes all the chocolates of course!).

The options are endless. You can be as creative as you like to make someone feel extra special. Here are some other DIY projects you may want to try out:


Paint Swatches Valentine’s Day Cards from –

vday 2

Paper Heart Garland from –

vday 3

Giant crepe paper rose flower at –

Do let me know if you decide to make any of these projects. I would love to see your creations! I may just go out and hunt down some crepe paper to attempt the giant flower, it looks so gorgeous and the  best thing is it lasts forever!

Best of luck with your impromptu Valentines, sometimes the most romantic moments are those that are spontaneous!

What are your plans on Valentine’s? Do you celebrate this day?


Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day guys and girls! Australians around the world CELEBRATE! This is our most patriotic day of the year, as we bring out the southern cross flags and wave them from the cars we drive, hang it at the windows and don the temporary tattoo. Not to mention throw a BBQ with friends and family, then enjoy the fireworks as the sun goes down.

I shall be doing something a little different on Australia Day and that is getting my youngest baby girl christened. So last night I was frantically making the cupcakes, preparing the sushi rolls and chilling the drinks  for the after-ceremony gathering. And maybe…just maybe the aussie pavlova will make an appearance. What are your plans on Australia Day?

Photo sourced from

Also I wanted to share, I’m having a special promotion at my store offering FREE SHIPPING (within Australia) over the long weekend. All you need to do is shop your favourite items and enter the special code ‘AUDAYFS’ at the checkout and have it posted to you for FREE. All orders will go out on the Wednesday 29th Jan.

For those who may not know me well, I make organic bath and body products, it is my little entrepreneurial project. I called it SELF Organics, and it’s my biggest baby! The name was created by using each of my family’s first initial. Actually, the idea all started with my family and my mission to keep them free from the parabens and petrochemicals from other nasty products. Taking care of ourselves and our families and living a life that is not compromised is the only way to live of course…

2013 updated self organics

I just can’t wait to see Luna in her beautiful christening gown, she will be so cute and precious. I promise photos to snap photos and post them on my instagram

Then it’s off to the Crown Perth for a luxe stay with the kids and hubby to celebrate his 30th birthday! Fun fun fun!

Hope you all are having a fabulous long weekend!! Stay cool..