Head & Heart – March 2015

It’s been a while since I have opened up my ‘Head & Heart’ section of this blog. And after a much needed Easter long weekend break sorting out all things to do with my personal, family, small business life I am going to enjoy sitting down and recalling the month that is March.

You too can play along, by sharing your own Head & Heart post on your blog. It is great way to get to know the personality behind the blog. As we often write about topics that may not show our character entirely. You can find out more on how to be a part of this secret bloggers club (no really…it isn’t that secret!) by heading over to Helarious. No BIG BAD rules, just honest writing…

Anyway here mine goes:

What am I grateful for?

Receiving encouragement from my peers – ever since I have dived into the small creative community in Perth I have met some awesome artists out there, doing their own thing with their hands and the time they find outside of their day job. It is a fantastic feeling to know that I am not the only crazy, overworked, passion-driven soap maker around here! And just hearing how much they love my products and want to buy it for their family and friends to make them feel special, makes my heart sing.

Time with my children – I say this a lot, but I just feel that I don’t want to wish their childhood away. Every month that passes by, I feel their hands growing bigger, limbs getting longer, confidence and independence improving. It makes me so proud, but I also know I have to stop and savour their little faces. I love seeing them interact, play in their home made tents, dress up and sing lullabys to each other. Also I say this, because I am an extra busy mum. I realise I do a lot! Maybe too much on the plate at the moment, so spending time with them keeps me grounded.

I’ve been thinking a lot about:

Big plans – if you are a follower of TheSimpleChic on twitter you may already know what I am going on about. And if not on twitter, let me tell you here first…after many months of secretly plotting…I am going to become a cafe owner! It has come to a time in my life, where I know I am confident and capable of taking on such a dream. It has been a dream since I was 18 years old…that I would one day run a cafe with my friend. And so we are doing it! I can’t wait to talk more about the details as I blog on…and I hope you will follow my journey of taking on this exciting project.


What have I been doing?

Turning 31 –  Yes I ticked over the 30s and have learnt not to take things so seriously and certain of what I want.  am no longer that skinny, self-conscious, shy girl and it’s great not focusing things that never really made me happy to begin with. I love being a young mum, my curves, a business woman and seizing opportunities that come my way…it’s like I have started to take control of my destiny, when I did feel a little lost in my 20s. We all did what our parents wanted us to do, get the university degree, get married, buy a house etc…but now I feel I have to tread my own path to find myself. And on my birthday was my last day at work in the office, my hubby and kids picked me up and we went to celebrate at San Churros, our favourite family spot. What an exciting and liberating day that was!

31st bday

Meetings with coffee roasters – Funny how I shall be running a cafe very soon but I have always preferred tea over coffee. Back in my early twenties I worked as a barista and always enjoyed the smell of coffee, but never truely appreciated the taste until now. I have been spending some time meeting with different coffee roasters to choose a blend that is signature to the cafe. It’s a fun process, as I discover the differences in flavour, depth and acidity. My eyes have been opened to the world of coffee…caffeine is in my blood!! I’m so excited to be learning about this world, but have a slight fear of stepping in too deep…where I may transform into a coffee geek. Too much pressure to conform to the hipster barista life lol!

Stocking SELF Organics into retailers – This year I have had to cut out my market time and distribute my time and energy into the cafe project. Hence I have been stocking local retailers with SELF Organics, I will always love making soaps, creams and candles…it’s something I hope to one day stock in the cafe too. If you have a favourite small boutique that you would like to see SELF Organics in, please send  an email and I shall get in touch with them.  And I shall send out a small thank you gift for sharing with me.

What have I bought?

Fitness gear – For my birthday, I bought myself some nice new fitness gear. Not to exercise but to wear for comfort haha. I like the look of exercise wear but there’s no chance of spotting me in a gym. I found they opened up a Running Bare in Karrinyup Shopping Centre and they have a bright and bold pattern range that makes me want to run and dance and so on. Next on my list are some comfy Nike Roche sneakers, they seem to be all over the internet but they just struck me as very comfy shoes…like pillows on the feet.



I hope you enjoyed reading my Head & Heart post, I haven’t been consistent with this segment…when I think I really should. It’s great sharing my thoughts and personal side with you. I feel I much closer to my readers that way.

Hope you are all having a great week!


Walking with Giants – Perth International Arts Festival Kicks off!

From February 13th-15th, ‘Valentine’s Weekend’ Perth got a special visit from some very large friendly marionette puppets. These were The Giants, a performance headed by the French theatrical group, Royal De Luxe. And they came to help celebrate the opening of the Perth International Arts Festival (one of the longest running festivals of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere!).


It would have been my first time seeing Perth at a standstill, traffic wise…it was just so busy! Apparently the news reported 1.7 million viewers came down to see The Giants over the 3 days. I happened to be working overtime on the Saturday and saw the crowds pour into the CBD to watch these gigantic wooden and metal constructs walking around and turning the city into a magical and enchanted place.

We went on the Sunday, to Langley Park. My kids absolutely loved it, especially my Lil Moon, who after the event identifies herself as the Giant Little Girl. Afterall, she thought they had common physical features…long black hair, fluttering eyelashes and heart shaped face.  It was just so precious to see their little faces and eyes light up with excitement and imagination.


I couldn’t believe the numbers of watchers coming in see the performance. Well done to Perth International Arts coordinators…this was indeed a great FREE event for families.


But from what I overheard, not everyone was happy with their experience and thought the event was poorly managed…but I’m sure if more big shows come to Perth, we will surely learn how to deal with them. So please keep them coming!!



The Perth International Arts Festival runs until the 7th March, and the films continue onto the 12th April. I love this time of year, when our little city gets injected with so much fun, creativity and culture!

Find out  what events are on and how to book tickets here.

Are you into big events such as these?


Liebster Award Nom, getting to know a little about me


Have you heard of the Liebster award? It is an award passed around the worldwide blogging community to help share and support one another, it also gives us a chance to get to know the blogger behind the screen and have a good laugh and relate to some of the answers. It’s a great way of connecting and bookmarking new blogs to follow.

I have to thank my friend Helen for nominating me, she also has been blogging at another gorgeous corner of the internet called Helarious. She is a talented floral designer and has started up her own little entrepreneurial business in Sydney, Australia. Please check out her work at Lime Tree Bower. And I’m so lucky to have met her through this online blogging community.

On a side note, I hope you all got spoilt rotten by your loved ones on Valentine’s day. And for those who are single, I hope you rocked it solo and celebrated with friends and family. Because Valentine’s shouldn’t be claimed by only couples…it should be shared by all. Hubby and I didn’t get around to our initially plans of picnic by sunset, only because I napped through it! We don’t usually stick to tradition about showering each other with presents and declaring out love on one particular day…we like to go renegade and do that kinda of stuff on a day we choose. We blame it on the commercialism of the event. Ha!

Ok….so now onto the questions I have been asked to answer:

1. Your favourite film of ALL TIME? My childhood brings me back to Empire Records and 10 Things I hate about you. I love these movies and watch them over and over again.

This is such a tough question, there are just too many to choose just ONE. Maybe I’ll just say

2. First country you visited outside of your birth country?

Australia, which is now my home. My parents migrated here when I was only 4 years old, I was born in Malaysia and still hang onto my Chinese Malaysian roots through my cooking and celebrating festivals.

3. Do you speak any other languages semi-fluently, or fluently?

I am semi-fluent in cantonese, I can speak short sentences but can never get the connectors correct. It is in me to speak, as I always have no problems when I go back to Malaysia. But it is about practise and how often I speak it. I also know a little spanish and japanese.

4. When was the first time you used the Internet and what was your earliest memory of it?

The earliest memory of using the internet, was when I had invited 8 of my friends over for a birthday sleepover when I turned 14 and that was the year 1998. We were all excited at the thought of online chatting, and would pretend to be one person to chat to guys on MIRC (Remember that?).

5. What’s the story behind the name of your blog, and how did you come up with it in the first place?

I had a few blogs prior to The Simple Chic, one that I used to write anonymously on to share my personal life, then there was Sew is Life, a tumblr blog where I shared my love of craft and sewing. The Simple Chic was a more ‘grown up’ version of me as a blogger. I really love design, art, beauty and entrepreneurship so I wanted to give it a name that suited the everyday modern woman’s lifestyle. Hence the Simple Chic was born!

6. If you could only eat one specific food item for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Waffles, it’s bready texture and crunchy sides, and the endless choices of savoury and sweet toppings could never bore me. And I love breakfast, I would eat it anytime of day!

7. If you could go anywhere and do anything there, what would that place and activity be?

I would love to go to Antarctica and walk along the ice, watch the sun rise in the white frozen land. I have always been drawn to that place since I was young…and it may have to do with the fact I am in love with emperor penguins and just want to observe them in their natural habitat.

8. Would you rather visit the galaxy outside of planet earth, or time travel back to a period when dinosaurs roamed the earth?

Definitely get out into space! I have an inner geek that loves everything to do with the cosmos, stars, galaxies etc. I’m not so sure how I would cope with dinosaurs chasing me.

9. What was the main “dream job” that you had whilst you were growing up in school?

I really wanted to be an air hostess up till  I was 12, there was something about flying in the air, staying at hotels and chasing adventure that seems to appeal to me. I never thought of the down side, like cleaning toilets, spew, rubbish and dealing with annoying passengers lol!

10. Coffee or tea?

I’m a tea drinker from the get-go, however I will enjoy a ‘great’ cup of coffee from time to time

11. Favourite flower/plant?

I have TOO many! However, at this moment I love Hydrangeas and Billy buttons (they are so cute!).

So now, allow me to pass on the baton…

And here are my questions

1. What is something that strikes fear in your heart?

2. White or black?

3. What is your hidden passion that not many people know of?

4. What name would you choose for your first child, or why did you choose that name for your first child?

5. Favourite place to visit and why?

6. What would you say is your signature style?

7. As a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?

8. Why did you start blogging?

9. What was the first music album you bought?

10. Tea or Coffee?

11. Road trip or plane trip?

Firstly to my husband who has needed a little encouragement to push on with his blog, he’s a little stuck

Second I wish to nominate fellow Perth blogger – Sass & Spice

Thirdly my award nomination goes to another Perthian – Reneehartsthis

I can’t wait to hear their answers for the list of questions I came up with. I love to learn more about the faces behind the blogs. We kind of know of them for their ‘genre’ of writing, but who is the personality behind the person?

Do you have any of your favourite blogs to share?

Have a great week lovelies!


Valentine’s Day gift box idea

Isn’t it great that Valentine’s Day celebrated around the world will fall on a Saturday this year? It’s nice to know, most people will be chilling out with their loved one or friends and just having a great time. It kind of annoyed me in the past when me and my Mister would want to organise something but Valentine’s day fell on a week day where we would be tired and couldn’t be bothered going out. I mean we still kind of shun the whole Valentine’s Day cliche, that we are expected to do something nice for your partner…so we usually push it out to the weekend. Now it is on the weekend!! And I have no plans!

What are your plans to sweeten it up on Valentine’s?

Although I am a big romantic at heart and adore gifts with thought, I put together a lovely pack for solos (I hate the word ‘Singles’) and partners to indulge and celebrate Valentines Day.

So if you would like to purchase a SELF Organics Valentine’s gift box, head to the online shop

This beautiful organic care package contains: 1 x SELF Determination chocolate soy wax candle, 1 x Petal lip balm, 1 x romantic rose bath salts, 1 x Berry Green Loose Leaf tea.

All for $35, you can also add a 100gm geranium and orange massage bar for an extra $5.

vday 2015


*Postage before Valentine’s cannot be guaranteed at this stage.

For those who live in the Perth metro, you may be please to know that collection and drop off is available. Please contact me at info@selforganics.com

Hope your Valentine’s is sweet and full of love!!





Small biz story: Mac & More – unique handmade macrame design

The weekend is here! And it’s time for another small business feature, I wonder if you guys like this occasional blog post where we talk about the small people doing big things. It’s inspiring to hear what other artisans are doing out there on their own. Making their own passions come to life. They are often disguised in the day as the normal everyday worker. However when you hear their stories and how they arrived at what they are doing…it really astounds you at their drive and energy!

macandmore (1)

Today I introduce you to a fellow artisan, Erica who specialises in the art of macrame and knotting and the talent behind Mac and More. You may pass her in the streets of Perth or possibly in a hospital in the future as she is also a mum of two and part-time nurse. I met Erica through the markets in Perth where we both bonded over the craziness of the end of year market season, and from what I know from her work is that she is a passionate about her craft and creating beautiful unique pieces for her clients. She is such a beautiful person who treats her customers like friends.

mac and more 1

Erica Zuccala

Macrame is the art of knotting and weaving, and it was most popular in the 70s…now it is making a resurgence. Erica’s uses different coloured ropes, metals and wooden beads to design contemporary and unique pieces in the form of indoor and outdoor plant hangers, hanging bed heads, curtains, wall art and  even stunning wedding floral arbours like the one you see below.

Contact Mac & More today to discuss your customised piece, the options are endless!

macand more 6

A Macrame plant hanger in the corner of the room is a subtle and interesting way of bringing greenery into the home. Erica can also provide the pot and plants that can suit your lifestyle. For example if you are just a beginner green thumb, she can choose a low maintenance succulent or cactus to help you decorate your personal space.

macandmore 7

Want to know more about Mac & More? Head over and follow Mac & More at:


Etsy Shop

Facebook Page


macandmore 8

I also interviewed Erica and she was happy to share her experiences of what is is like to run a small business, here are a few things she had to say:

1. Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you enjoy doing if you are not creating?

I’m a Mother of two young kids so I am kept pretty busy with them. If I’m not working or playing with my kiddos I love to run, stay healthy, and enjoy the beach. Nature and the great outdoors inspires my work, whether it be the colour, the texture or organic natural form, so getting outdoors not only clears my head, but gives me time to get inspired and come up with new design ideas.

2. What were you doing at the time when you first thought of starting up your own business? 

I was currently on maternity leave after having my second child and had been yearning to get creative. I’ve always loved design and have found myself really drawn to a love of eclectic bohemian interiors. I had been really inspired by some international fiber artists and couldn’t help but get my hands into knotting. Large scale art is my passion. I love creating dramatic textural pieces. My background and training is in Critical Care Nursing so its poles apart from a creative venture, such as textile and fiber art. The change has been refreshing and really enticing. I’ve been hooked since I picked up my first spool of rope.

3. Where would you like to be 5 years from now?

 I have no idea. I didn’t at all expect to be where I am in just the last 6 months.  In 5 years, id love to collaborate with some Perth stylists and interior designers. There’s nothing better than seeing your work featured amongst the talent of local designers.  I’ve been really lucky so far to have been featured in an edition of Home Beautiful Magazine and maybe a tv appearance. So hopefully the next 5 years is even bigger and better. I shall be hosting a local macramé and fiber art workshop in March so if you are in Perth and keen to learn the skill of macrame please come along. More details here.

4. Do you have any business advice for others wanting to start-up?

I’m still learning as I go but definitely do your research. If you believe in your product, work hard, sell yourself and clients will come. Don’t forget about the marketing side. Its not all about the product- the marketing is such a massive part of business.  Make yourself know, make connections and learn from others who are successful. Don’t give up, It’s a huge learning curve, so stay inspired.

macandmore 9

And for my lovely readers… a special discount:

Thanks to Mac and More, you can own your very own piece, a beautiful and carefully designed macrame fibre art with a 30% off discount. This is kindly offered to The Simple Chic readers only.

Head to the online store now and use the code: thesimplechic30

Offer valid till 8/3/15

Have a great weekend lovelies! And may you always be inspired by the beauty around you…






Photos sourced from Mac and More

H & M and Pottery Barn to come to Perth

Have you all heard the news of late that international brand H & M is coming to Perth with their first store opening in Lakeside Joondalup? This really got me out of my chair this morning when I read the news on Yahoo.

It was only last year that I got a chance to drop into the H & M store in Melbourne that really surprised me as a family friendly retailer. The prices at the end of year sales were quite attractive and affordable, which shocked me to be honest because for some  reason I had expected the H & M brand to burn a hole in my pocket. I shopped for jeans and jackets for kids at $5-7 prices, it was madness…just like kmart but with quality that will last at least 3 hand-me-downs! I haven’t been one for the big brands, but I so happen to need warm clothes for my kids because I was unprepared for how chilly Melbourne summers can be.

H & M

H&M Flagship store, Melbourne

From what was reported in yesterday’s mornings news, once H & M sets up their first store in Joondalup, they plan to secure a 4000sqm spot in the Perth CBD. How exciting would that be? It would change the entire retail space and shake up this town, bringing more tourists and people into the city.


West Elm

Another exciting piece of news for lovers of home furnishings and interior design, Pottery Barn along with their sister stores Pottery Barn Kids and West Elm are coming to Perth too! It is said that they will be moving into St Martins tower sometime hopefully in the year.

It’s rather exciting for Perthians who have live here for years, listening to our sister cities Melbourne and Sydney receiving all the attention from the big international brands. It’s great that the giant retailers are coming to realise that Perth is full of young and saavy shoppers who love variety and will pay for it.

pottery barn

Pottery Barn

To be honest, I have slowly decreased my online shopping habits…as I have found I have had too many bad experiences with buying clothes that do not fit. I say, bring back the retailers and the chance to walk through brightly lit stores, gleaming tiles, fresh clothes on rack and smiling customer service. And I have also heard whispers that Uniqlo is scoping out Perth for some space.

Exciting times ahead my dear city..so Perth be ready for the influx of jobs, to those hoping for staff discounts be sure to look out for the advertising of positions online and in the newspapers. I just hope for our sake that our customer service standards will pick up, a smile and a ‘Hello’ that will definitely draw me back to the retailers.

Which store are you looking forward to checking out the most? 







Photo Credit: Westelm.com,  potterybarn.com


Grateful for 2014, and hopeful for 2015

Hi there, it’s been a while hasn’t it? Yes…truely a long while.  I do apologise, as I am a little rusty with my blogging for it has been 3 months since my last post! I did attempt to draft a little memento to 2014, but as things occurred Christmas, New Years and the long days of endless sunsets…I never actually got around to posting.

The reason for my disappearance is that I have been dragged away by my growing hand made business, I’m really glad to say that I am now taking it slowly…after all I MADE IT through the onslaught of Summer & Christmas markets.

It’s so important to start the year refreshed, relaxed and with a clear mind set to start planning for the 12 months ahead. So I thought I should come back to my centre, the Simple Chic, the place where it all began…my blog, and reflect on a year that has passed.

It was the year of  exciting happy moments, sad moments and also hard work and exhaustion asI put my heart and soul into SELF Organics. It is slowly growing at the pace that I can still manage solo and I haven’t gone too full on into my marketing. I like to still keep the reins on it while the kids are still young. Spending time with my babies is on the top of my list, there were times especially when I was torn between the family and the business. But I am learning  how to keep this balance in check as I go.


I met so many new friends and faces this year, just by putting myself out there and not being afraid of the challenge that markets can bring.  The network of handmade creatives in Perth is just astounding, there is such a wonderful, talented bunch of artists that willing to share their knowledge and support each other by shout-outs on social media and collaborations.

As a side note – Etsy is also offering budding entrepreneurs the chance to turn their handmade passion into a business. If you are thinking of doing something new in 2015 like opening your own online shop you should join the Etsy Resolution, hosted by Jess Van Den of Create & Thrive, and Clare Bowditch of Big Hearted  Business. Find out more details here on how to sign up. It starts 27th January and you can get 20 free listings upon opening your new Etsy store.

Business aside, I am enjoying being surrounded  by the people I love and who believe in me. If not for them, I wouldn’t have the courage to go forth and do what I am passionate about. In 2014 I have discovered a lot about myself, my strengths and weaknesses and how to turn negative thinking on its head. We all talk ourselves down sometimes, but we have to stop doing that and recognise more of the wins than the losses.

ny2015 b

I’m excited for my little man will be attending kindy this year and my 7 year old, Lil Miss S who I can’t believe is in year 2 (already!). It’ll be nice to pick them both up from the same school. The older one is already telling her brother all the ‘cool’ things to look forward to in school…like the canteen! As my my lil Moon, she is talking so much now…a little character of her own, imagination at its best. I’m just so happy and thankful to be surrounded by their faces. My hubby was also such a pillar of strength last year, he has really supported me all the way with whatever I wanted to pursue. 50% of the growth and success of SELF Organics in 2014 was his.

Now there will be another project coming up very soon, that I am involved in with a close friend…something BIG, absolutely massive and one I have actually dreamt about since I was 19. Can’t wait to reveal more details to you, it is completely left of field but hey…opportunities in life are very few and far apart, so when they present themselves you just have to grab it with two hands!

Happy New Year to all, may it bring you all the joy you have ever wanted and more.



A marimo goes to a new home! Winner announced for the Lime Tree Bower Giveaway

The Lime Tree Bower mini marimo terrarium orb giveaway has now ended. And I even though there were only a couple of entries, it made it especially difficult to choose a winner. Because this lil plant deserves to be on everyone’s desk. It keeps you company, it keeps you inspired and it’s a small, cute, green-thing that makes your space look that little bit warmer…

And did I mention it supposed to bring good luck? So far…rubbing my lotto tickets against the glass has only brought me small wins, but WINS nonetheless.


So without further ado…the WINNER of the Lime Tree Bower Giveaway is Adeline Lee!!

The idea of the marimo sitting in a stark white desk space with only itself bursting with colour is why a marimo has such a captivating presence. I think my lil guy does anyway!

But don’t despair, you too can own your very own mini marimo terrarium orb for $15, and you can save 10% off by using the special reader discount code: EVON10 at limetreebower.com

This is one of the items that Helen is able to send to Western Australia, unfortunately due to customs regulations, her succulent products are unable to be posted westward.

Thanks to everyone for playing , if you didn’t win there will be more chances to win in another giveaway – to be announced very soon!


Head & Heart Series: June 2014

I can’t believe how fast the month of June has flown and it has now come to another segment of ‘Head and Heart’. I feel it is really that time in my life where I have to physically stop myself to smell the roses and enjoy the true, blessed moments of my life. Being a busy parent can make it quite difficult to do that. But I hope with my monthly installment of ‘Head and Heart’ it will make it easier for me to think about how I spend my 30 days in a month.

june 2014

Discovering an orchard nearby our home

What I’ve been grateful for:

Helpful souls who do not asking for anything in return. I have been busy putting together the accounts properly with a family friend who has offered her time and services to assist with the newsagency account. I have been racking my brains on all this accounting stuff, that it’s hurting my grey matter! So I was really beyond thankful that she came to us to lend a hand in sorting out all the numbers…which is obviously a weak point of mine.

Winter sunshine – As much as I love the rain that has been watering my garden and keeping it look alive. I am loving the sun that takes over during the day. It reminds me to look forward to Summer days and it makes me feel alive and energetic to get on with what the day throws at me. I have always a sunny disposition so it is quite normal for me to react to the sunshine!

Exploring new places with my kids, it can be tricky at times to take the whole family out as there is the worry that the kids will get over tired and throw a hissy fit. Hence we seldom go out and stay home, plus going out for a family of five isn’t exactly cheap anymore. Every where, it’s like spend on food, petrol, entertainment and something else. I tend to take my children to new places that don’t break the budget and the family has the chance to take some happy snaps and enjoy the day. I am grateful for those places, and these moments.

 What I’ve been thinking about:

Painting a black board wall in my kitchen area. Lil Moon has been busy practicing her artistic skills on the kitchen wall with my whiteboard markers, however it isn’t a whiteboard! So I have bought a can of Chalkboard paint from our local hardware store, Bunnings, a couple of small sized brushes so she can show off her artistic flair that way. Once it has dried I shall offer her a new set of chalk to draw till her hearts desire.

Creating a 365 book. I recently bought a 365 notebook from Kikki K and have thought about capturing my daily inspirations, motivations, thoughts, dreams etc all in one book. I have been writing in diaries since I was 8 years old and I hope to collate a personal journal with photos, drawings and so on….so that I may hold onto to the little fleeting moments that are so important in my life right now. That I may like to sit down and read once again when the children have all grown up.

What I’m excited for:

Taking SELF Organics to the Made on the Left Markets at the end of the month. I feel this is going to be a highlight of my handmade year! It’s all happening on the 27th July at the State Theatre Centre of W.A. There will be heaps of fellow handmade artists, so it will be a great day of shopping unique finds!

My Lil Man starts at a new pre-kindy, he is almost 4 and he is already switching schools. But not because the reason you might think, the centre he was at shut down! So we had no choice but to find another pre-kindy. He is so excited and I love seeing his enthusiasm for changes and new experiences. This is the age where resilience building begins.

What I’ve been doing:

It’s the end of financial year so I have been putting the books together ready for tax purposes. Sounds pretty boring huh? Well for me it is something I don’t enjoy and is not my specialty. I have been sitting with an accountant and see their face light up with excitement when they balance the accounts. I just can’t relate at all…

Doing a bit of online shopping for my upcoming market and making  more stock…which means lots of fun soaping and pouring candles.

What I’ve been reading:

Natural Beauty Bible – finding lots of tips on how to keep skincare natural and simple, these days I find that it is the most important thing to do for myself is reducing the amount of chemicals I interact with on a daily basis.

Anti-ageing beauty Bible – I have hit my 30s and definitely a lot more interested in anti-ageing products. I started using them in my early 20s and they have been helping my skin so far. This is a great book with reviews on the industry’s best and most  products that help with anti-ageing.

What I’ve been spending money on:

Birthday parties for my Lil Man and Lil Moon, they will be turning 4 and 2 years old respectively and at this age I feel it isn’t such a big deal when they have a combined party. Money has been going into the planning of it all and the presents. So I’m looking forward to the day coming around now.

Stocking up on my organic oils, butters and new packaging for my soaps. It’s been almost two years with the old design so I decided to change it up a bit and create a new eco-friendly look to my packaging. I’ll have to show you more details in another post.

Apologies…it took me longer than expected to write this post up! The computer screen has actually been up all week, after a number of logins and I have managed to finish it now. I can also blame it on my ability to be distracted by a hundred things at once…I tend to walk away then come back to a task and I can also blame Facebook and Pinterest.

Anyways, hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. I have another new post coming up on a small business in the spotlight, hear the passion and motivations behind this budding entrepreneur.

Till next time, Ciao!





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Craft Corner – DIY lettering for occasions or chic home decorating


Sometimes I get the ‘itch’ to get my craft on, can you relate to that ‘itch’? I tend to get onto the next project and then the next project when it comes to crafting. Hence I collect so much stuff over the years! I blame my brain and how steer towards things I can do with my hands. Plus there is a level of satisfaction that I always get from creating something that I can be proud of. If you aren’t a compulsive crafter, then this could be an easy project to do over the weekend and to get the creative juices running. And you don’t need a lot of time or spend a lot of money on materials. Afterwards you can marvel at your work sitting on the shelf in the bedroom for some chic decorating style.

First you will need to visit your local craft store, mine is Spotlight and grab a couple of things:

Wooden wording or letters

Acrylic paints (choose one or two colours)

A gloss paint to finish (optional)

Paint brushes


How to do it:

  • Lay out some newspaper on your workspace
  • squeeze the paints onto an old ice cream container lid
  • pick up the brush and dip into the paint to give the wooden lettering one coat
  • allow to dry and paint another coat over the top
  • allow to dry. Then place lettering in the room of your choice! *You can go a once over with a gloss varnish, but it is totally up to you.

You can leave the lettering just as it is, or you can add polkadots, or loose glitter while the paint is still wet. To jazz it up!



I chose a mint colour for ‘Relax’, which suits it because it is a pleasant and relaxing colour. And the other lettering ‘Hello’, I used a gold paint, it kind of screams ‘look at me’ right?  The lettering are so easy to move around and can even be used for parties/weddings/engagements and so on. I like to take them with me on my trips to the market! The large lettering captures the attention of potential customers walking past…


 You can find all types of lettering at the craft stores, in cursive, non-cursive or individual letters. The options are endless!

Do you like the look of lettering in your home? Would you try this DIY yourself?