Top 5 Au Naturel Beauty Products for Autumn

Essqueeze me Summer, you can go now…why are you still hanging around and making it hot and dry for everyone? My love of Summer is somewhat ‘weathering’ away (sorry…that was lame) but I am really looking forward to my favourite season of the year, Autumn, which rarely hangs around at all. Our Perth climate is funny one, as it tends to make a giant leap from Summer straight into Winter.

And I believe it is important to change skincare with the seasons. Summer beauty means lighter creams, and the cooler months bring the indulgent rich creams. So at the moment I am caught in between the season with what to slap on my skin.

One thing though that I realised, is my skincare has drastically moved from non-natural to all natural! Since turning 30, I have decided that it is absolutely key to take care of myself the best possible way NOW…to ensure that I maintain my youth as long as possible! Not only the outside but my insides as well. I have begun to look at ways to live more ‘cleanly’ e.g. eating clean and as well as my beauty products. It is the best thing I can do for my future self. Although I still have yet to learn to sleep at a reasonable time!

So today I share my top 5 au natural products that I’m currently using in between the seasons.


  1. Neutrogena Naturals Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Moisturiser, this is an everyday light moisturiser packed full of vitamins to boost the brightness of the skin, hydrate and contains bionutrients that improve the look of the skin making it appear younger. It is non-greasy and absorbs into the skin nicely. It doesn’t contain any petrochemicals, sulfates dyes and parabens. So it’s doing a good thing for me, without me having to think about it!
  2. POD Self tanning body butter with SPF15, I really like this liquid tan, it doesn’t smell like other horrible tanners…it is actually smells like cocoa butter and the tan is gradual and subtle. My skin is quite fair so this really helps inter-seasonal when I want a healthy tanned look. Plus it is natural!! The tube is generous, so it lasts for ages.
  3. Cosmecology Mask Hydra, my goodness this mask is an absolute saviour! I was feel sick last week and at the end of the recovery I felt my skin had lost a lot of moisture. It felt so dehydrated so I popped on this mask and it my skin instantly felt soft and full of hydration! I like to use this once a week to awaken the skin again, it makes me feel human after a hard working week.
  4. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse dry oil, this is my favourite go-to multitasking product at the moment. I use this on my hair, skin and face. It smells so beautiful and makes me feel that way too! Something very luxe about this dry oil, it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised throughout the whole day and it is non-greasy even though it is an oil. Nuxe uses botanicals in their products and the smell of the oil reminds me of flower fields.
  5. SELF Organics, Calm Balm, a family favourite and one I make and sell at my online store. It contains lavender, eucalyptus, patchouli organic essential oils and organic shea, cocoa butter and beeswax that just melts into the skin. The other week I got bitten by a spider in my car, I didn’t know what to apply on the mark so I applied some of the balm and it helped with the healing process. I didn’t bruise as bad as I usually do with insect bites. And it soothed the itchiness of the area. The kids love it too, the smell makes them feel calm. It helps me get sleep too, when I apply it on my chest and temples, instant relaxation right there.

Do you like the sound of any natural beauty products above? 

What are looking forward to most during the Winter months? I am looking forward to winter wardrobe, drinking hot chocolate and sitting indoors watching a movie whilst listening to the rain pitter patter. *Sigh* bring on the cool I say…

Today I am going to church to watch my best friend walk down the aisle at my primary school church. I’m sure there will be plenty of tears of joy and laughter. Looking forward to this day since I first met this angel 24 years ago!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!



The Simple Chic


  1. Gosh, i am just loving your blog girl! I love winter too. Has to be my favourite season. Such lovely sounding products you’re using there, the Calm Balm sounds so relaxing too. <3

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