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The Simple Chic is fresh new blog that comprises of style, beauty and design inspiration for the modern muse. It is like a scrapbook of all the beauty that I find in the world around me. And shared with You, the reader. The Simple Chic’s philosophy is that you don’t have to try, or buy lots or speak lots in order to pull of ‘chic-ness’. It’s about finding the centre of your individuality and the beauty of what makes you unique.

This blog also aims to share inspired things and showcase small businesses and designers who are making their dream a reality.

All the photos in the blog are taken by me. And if they are someone else’s, they will be duly credited.

About Me

Wife. Mum. Creative. Small business owner and compulsive compliment-giver. I wish I could say I do them all effortlessly chic but it is a goal that seems far from perfect. Being an all rounder busy person, I find it increasingly important to find the beauty in everyday and simple things.  I enjoy blogging, I have been doing it for the past 5 years since I first fell pregnant. It was a fantastic outlet for myself and my creatively as I dabbled in the world of novice sewing and found my calling in making my own organic bath and body products.

Being busy has never ceased or slowed down since my first child came. But I wouldn’t change it for the world, I adore motherhood it has changed my life and perspective in so many ways. And I’m glad to say it has made me a better and more grounded person. Working on my business and raising my children along side it, and to go completely solo (employer-free) is a dream I hope to one day make a reality.


All other times, I can be seen sipping on a cup of tea, reading up on the latest celeb scandal, sewing and photography.


This blog will be my journey to achieving a simply chic lifestyle… would you like to join me?

Contact: hello@thesimplechic.com

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