Review: Dirty Works Coconut scrub and body butter

Winter is the time when I get all bundled up and I tend not to pay too much attention to my skin. Bad I know! I look after the skin on my face much better. Whereas the rest of the body is hidden away for the next few months under jeans, leggings, pants and long skirts so for me…it’s something I don’t worry too much about. But I can’t say my skin looks all that great under the layers. And it doesn’t help that I sleep with the heater on! Skin is the largest organ, it is still growing and shedding and I just can’t hide away from the fact that well…the limbs are looking a bit dry and flaky.

So I was lucky enough to receive some new products from Dirty Works range to try out. I have never come across this brand before and thought why not give it a go…I’ll give anything a go if it can rescue my dry limbs! So please read on for my review on two products, a scrub and body butter.

dirty works

‘Life’s a beach coconut scrub’ 200 mL – $7.95

Hmm…the cold weather doesn’t really make me want to spend too much time in the bathroom. It is the coldest place in my house! Can anyone relate?  These products looked so retro and fun to try so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some moisture and TLC back into my skin. When I first saw the purple and quirky packaging, I thought hey these look like cute! And there was even a retro babe in bikini on the ‘Life’s a beach coconut scrub’, hey looks like she is having fun on a beach somewhere…hopefully these will help me forget the freezing cold for a few minutes.

My skin was getting that white powdery look from the neglect and needed a good ol scrub. So I was quite excited about trialling this beauty. The scent is described as exotic coconut, I can say it does smell just like coconut milk with a hint of lime. It is a really nice pleasant smell that reminds me of holidays at a beach. Some may find the scent strong but I quite like it.

dirty works3

The scrub is made out of pecan shell granules that gently scrubs dead skin away and sweet almond oil to moisturise and hydrate. When I was squeezing it out of the tube I could tell the scrub was quite disperse within the liquid, hence it wasn’t too rough and felt really soft to exfoliate away the dry skin. I concentrated on those ultra embarrassing and noticeable areas of dryness like elbows, knees and ankles. It was quite creamy once it was mixed with water in the shower, and kind of left my floors a bit slippery. So becareful when scrubbing away, be sure to wash the product down completely. My skin felt really soft and smooth after a good scrub, it was glowing, moisturised and smelt tropical!

I like the cute, clever packaging and for the price you pay it is a lovely scrub.

‘That Fiji feeling coconut body butter’ 300 mL – $7.95

The body butter is quite a rich, thick and creamy consistency. It has a similar smell to the scrub, however I felt this was a little bit stronger. After applying it to my skin, the smell lasted longer and noticed the fragrance could be smelt on my bed covers in the morning.

It contains cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil which hydrated my dry skin back to normal. This body butter was easily soaked into the skin, I found that the skin just absorbed it so well that it didn’t leave a greasy feeling or a film on the skin. That was one thing I thought was great about the product and another, it was easy to put my clothes over the top after application.

dirty works2


These two were a perfectly paired, they worked so well together and helped my Winter skin  become soft and silky once again. I only wish I could be on a beach now! The scent definitely helps stir the imagination of being under a coconut tree on a warm day at a tropical destination. It’s an indulgent beauty treat at an affordable price.

If you are interested in tracking them down for yourself, the Dirty Works Coconut scrub and body butter can be found in Coles supermarkets nationwide.

Hope you liked the review, how are you keeping your skin hydrated this Winter?


Designer in the spotlight: Karen Walker

Fashion world meets homewares is always an interesting and exciting mix. I came across the delightful collection of Karen Walker home only last month at my local Myer department store. It can seem rather unusual of me to step into a department stores these days, seeing as I am on ‘mummy’ income and most of the time seen trawling through the kids wear racks and hanging around the toy department. You will hardly spot me hanging around beautiful, shiny and delicate homewares…for obvious reasons.


Designer in the spotlight: Karen Walker

karen walker4

Karen Walker is an international fashion brand name, she is especially known for her understated cool and bold shaped sunglasses. Not only does she open pop-up shops called the ‘Candy Store’ around the world and sell awesome sunglasses but she also has an equally awesome range of apparel, jewellery, accessories and shoes which makes her website so drool-worthy. You can drool over it over here.  Karen Walker is a New Zealand born designer who is widely recognised for her classic, quirky and minimalist style.

karen walker

karen walker3


After doing my research, I found out that the homewares line was actually launched two years ago in 2012 and sells in Myers store nationwide. So please excuse my immediate excitement, as I have been a pretty much living in my domestic bliss bubble. Which could be so much more improved with Karen Walker wares I am sure…


I dream of pedalling in polkadots

Seeing this gorgeous range, I just want to decorate my house completely with Karen Walker! The homewares range looks simple, uncomplicated and would be easy to incorporate into anyone’s home.

What do you think of the Karen Walker homewares range?


Craft Corner – DIY lettering for occasions or chic home decorating


Sometimes I get the ‘itch’ to get my craft on, can you relate to that ‘itch’? I tend to get onto the next project and then the next project when it comes to crafting. Hence I collect so much stuff over the years! I blame my brain and how steer towards things I can do with my hands. Plus there is a level of satisfaction that I always get from creating something that I can be proud of. If you aren’t a compulsive crafter, then this could be an easy project to do over the weekend and to get the creative juices running. And you don’t need a lot of time or spend a lot of money on materials. Afterwards you can marvel at your work sitting on the shelf in the bedroom for some chic decorating style.

First you will need to visit your local craft store, mine is Spotlight and grab a couple of things:

Wooden wording or letters

Acrylic paints (choose one or two colours)

A gloss paint to finish (optional)

Paint brushes


How to do it:

  • Lay out some newspaper on your workspace
  • squeeze the paints onto an old ice cream container lid
  • pick up the brush and dip into the paint to give the wooden lettering one coat
  • allow to dry and paint another coat over the top
  • allow to dry. Then place lettering in the room of your choice! *You can go a once over with a gloss varnish, but it is totally up to you.

You can leave the lettering just as it is, or you can add polkadots, or loose glitter while the paint is still wet. To jazz it up!



I chose a mint colour for ‘Relax’, which suits it because it is a pleasant and relaxing colour. And the other lettering ‘Hello’, I used a gold paint, it kind of screams ‘look at me’ right?  The lettering are so easy to move around and can even be used for parties/weddings/engagements and so on. I like to take them with me on my trips to the market! The large lettering captures the attention of potential customers walking past…


 You can find all types of lettering at the craft stores, in cursive, non-cursive or individual letters. The options are endless!

Do you like the look of lettering in your home? Would you try this DIY yourself?


Bridesmaid Diary – Bali Wedding


Well my bridesmaid duties are over, sad as it sounds, it was a very special experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Please excuse the fact that this post should have been up a month ago?! I must admit, it has been sort of tough going back to my state of ‘normalcy’ after the holidays. Don’t we all wish that our holidays would continue on forever?



Looking at these photos of the place that we stayed for the wedding and remembering all the fun times we had, no wonder normalcy kind of sucks! I mean look at that sunshine…pure gold. I say this as I type with numb, freezing fingers on a wintery Perth night.




It has been over a month since I went over to Bali for my best friend’s wedding where I stood by her side on her special day. Such an amazing experience and so many tears of joy shed and memories that will stay ingrained in my mind. However, the tan lines have certainly started to fade and it is a reminder that I have to save up for my next trip to Bali! Being on holiday with the kids was fun but it wasn’t a ‘relaxing’ holiday, weddings are pretty hectic and with kids it can get stressful. So in short I’m just saying…Bali would be a romantic paradise without kids. Plus, I was being anal mummy because I was so concerned that one of mine would fall sick and have the dreaded ‘Bali Belly’ gastro. So I had to play the water-nazi when it came to my kids coming in contact with Bali water.



We got to dine at the Echo Beach restaurant and capture this mesmerizing sunset. Every sunset in Bali is truely magnificant!



Overall the wedding was magical, it was set near the beach in Canggu amongst the backdrop of a warm, Bali sunset. Michelle and David were made for each other, all the family and friends certainly could see that. As for the evening reception, it was only a few steps away from the ceremony location, and as it turned to dusk the twinkling fairy lights and candles lit up the place and the faces of the  guests. It was the ultimate fairy tale wedding. The bride herself wore a Betty Tran designer gown, it was a champagne colour, sheer back, hand beaded  dress. And the bridesmaids wore a corn flower blue chiffon dress from ForeverNew.


bali 2

It was just such an amazing night full of love, happiness and serenity… what a great start to their married life together! Love those two.

What is your favourite wedding you have attended? And what made it so special?


Head & Heart – May 2014

What a start to the week, with a public holiday Monday to commemorate  the Western Australia public holiday, WA DAY. And I decided to join in on the fun with my very first part of the Head & Heart series,  a personal blogging project initiated by the lovely Helen from Helarious. The purpose of this series is to give my readers a little bit of insight to what I have been doing, thinking outside of my blogging world. I like the idea of this personal touch, because I have shared parts of me in my other posts but not as detailed like this. It also enables me to reflect on the last 30 days and helps me stay in touch with my psyche. I hope you enjoy reading this post, and will come back once a month to check back on what else is new with lil ol me.

So here it goes…

What I’ve been grateful for:

  • The two days I work, it balances my life I so can enjoy spending the time with my kids and as well as my colleagues. I’m not sure when I will be ready to head back to full time work because I’m enjoying this flexibility and my life at this very moment.
  • Friends new and old, May has been a challenging month for me mentally…and these are the faces who I love to see and share my troubling thoughts. I am so thankful for the new friendships I have made at work, through my daughter’s class and my community. And as for my old friends, I can always count on them for a ‘belly’ laugh.

What I’ve been thinking about:

  • Most of my thoughts have been a little on the down side lately, so I’m not 100% sure I want to be opened about this. I am usually such a bubbly and positive person. And admitting to failure is hard for anyone. But I’m committing to my Head & Heart…so here it goes. I want to be free, I want to be back to square one…I want a second chance to start all over again with my business passions. I feel as if I have failed in running my family’s newsagency, and there are so many other factors that caused the mismanagement. Naturally I feel it falls on my shoulders. I also blame middle-child syndrome.
  • New Winter recipes, I have been flipping through many cooking magazines and books for inspiration. I want to try new flavours, combinations and cuisines at home. Just need the time and the motivation to go shopping and cook something spectacular!
  • Booking my trip for Melbourne at the end of this year in December, I’m thinking about it and looking for deals, because my big brother is getting hitched!

What I’m excited for:

  • Lil Moon’s 2nd birthday! I can’t believe how time has flown and my little angel is going to be 24 months old. I still the day I brought her home from the hospital. She has such a little firecracker personality and so loving, determined and clever. She really likes to give things a go, out of all my kids Lil Moon is the least anxious about new situations. But could be because she is number 3.
  • I received the bridal shower invitation for my friend, Jess who is having her bridal shower this coming weekend. I haven’t seen in her in almost 2 years. And when she left for the USA with her fiance, I was pregnant with Lil Moon. So she hasn’t met my daughter as yet. It is going to be so much fun and I’m very excited to catch up with her.

What I’ve been doing:

  • Soaping, I make hand made soaps out of organic ingredients and essential oils. I love the whole process, from start to finish. I have a batch currently curing on the rack and it makes the whole house smell wonderful!
  • Picking up where I left off from a knitting project I did 3 years ago, only just found it hiding in one of my craft boxes. It is a soft light purple scarf that is done using a moss stitch. I can’t wait to finish this one off. There are another 2 scarves I haven’t finished either. It is the only thing I can knit sadly… I hope to learn more when I have the spare time.
  • Enrolment time for my little man, it is that time of year where parents of kindy-aged kids need to start thinking of enrolling their child into a school. Mine was an easy choice, he will go to the same place as Lil Miss S. I can’t wait to do pick up and drop off at the same location. So much paperwork though…too much!

What I’ve been reading:

  • I wish I had more time to indulge in a book or two, I haven’t had a chance to pick up a novel in the past 6 months. I miss it so much, and it was always me escape and how I could rely on a book to take me to other places. I must admit my secret pleasure, it’s pretty terrible but I have been reading articles from my Facebook feed which include Mamamia, Popsugar and iVillage.
  • And blogs of course! It brightens up my day hearing how other bloggers have gone through similar feelings and experiences. I don’t feel alone with my feelings.

What I’ve been spending money on:

  • Earrings, because I just keep losing one of the pair. It’s terrible, it’s like they repel my ears! I don’t spend a fortune on them because I know they don’t stick around for long.
  • Eating, I just bought the Perth Entertainment Voucher book from Lil Miss S school to support the fundraising committee. And it has been a great money saver for social eating moments. The kids have been flipping through it too picking their favourite spots to dine out. My kids are so outgoing and lately I haven’t been…I’m thankful for their positive little beaming faces that make me want to discover again.
What are you grateful for? If you have a moment, take some time to reflect on your past month and let’s get personal together. 
“A monthly capture of my feelings and doings in the raw.”

Head & Heart is a monthly series created by Helen of Helarious. Practise this monthly ritual of gratitude and happiness, by sharing your own feelings in a blog post.


Ebay Collections

Collecting creative knick knacks is something I enjoy doing or it is probably ingrained in my personality. You should see my fabric stash! It is just overflowing and I have to keep it under wraps so my husband doesn’t suspect. I like to sew and hence I’m keeping the fabric for the day when I have a quiet moment to take a seat next to my sewing machine. So far that moment is somewhere in the distant future! But yes I admit, I am a keen collector, collections is my way of organising the things that I enjoy.

So when I was invited to try out Ebay Collections, it intimidated me a little, was it going to bring out the obsessive, compulsive side of me? How would I organise my collections in the way that was stylish, chic, simple? I was intrigued and had to see what it was all about. After putting together a first few of my collections, I finally got the hang of it and found it so easy to catagorise my wish-list. It was useful in a way where I could find track down the best price and seller for the goods and have them all in one spot to review a bit later. I even made a collection called ‘echo living’ and all the items in that collection is specifically to help me work towards my goal of living more sustainably.


My ebay collections currently available for snooping

I didn’t feel the usual ‘stress’ of an online auction, or having to leave it aside for a little while. There is still the ‘watch list’ option, so that specifically tells you when an item is ending. Ebay collections acts more of like a pin-board but this is a board of all the items you want to buy! So it may pose a risk to the wallet to see all you want in one place…

When I came back in a week or so after creating my collections, some of the items ran out of stock and the time on the auctions eventually finished. However, I know I can always trace it back to the seller and communicate with them if I need to buy that item later down the track. My other blogger friends have created their own collections, and I like to spy to see what’s on their wish list. Please be warned of ‘collection envy’, because some of my blogging friends have beautiful collections, it’s fun to know what they have their eye on.

Ebay Collections can be a helpful tool for when you are searching for a gift for your friend or family member, imagine if your friend or family member kept their own ebay collections… it would be so simple to click and buy them what they want. End of gift-hunting frustration!

This new tool is very similar to Pinterest where you can name the title of a collection and start searching items and adding them to that set. There is a function that allows for little notes and individual commentary. Also you can choose one item to be the cover image. I like seeing all my favourites in one spot…like I said this could prove dangerous to my wallet.

Have you tried making your own Ebay Collections? 

If you would like to see what I’m collecting, click onto this link –

Have a great week all! It’s a long weekend here in Western Australia, so I’m so grateful for the sleep in…well…if I can